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Free House House Plans

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Link here: http://www.freegreen.com/


Personally this isn't my cup of tea. I prefer making homes for cheap or free. The idea of getting a 30 year mortgage is something I find quite

vulgar....but each to their own. Perhaps the plans can be adapted for some kind of cheaper construction like a container home??


Quote from http://www.celsias.co.nz/article/social-su...ething-nothing/


Something for nothing is the most popular thing on the Internet. Freegreen offers detailed building plans for sustainability-minded house builders, renovators and remodellers. The business generates revenue by clipping the ticket of the architects, builders, and product and service suppliers featured on the website.


“It’s an interesting, trackable, and effective way to encourage people to use green products,” says Freegreen chief executive David Wax.


In order to avoid product bias, Freegreen acts as a transparent platform, offering ratings for each product from established third-party green certification programs such as LEED and NAHB, as well as information about performance through energy modeling research reports.


Freegreen is also adding a recommendation feature so community members can discuss each product or service, including builders, developers, and other service providers that list on the Freegreen site.


Essentially, Freegreen is a specialised storefront that provides detailed and usable ideas and information. It’s an elegant and credible introduction to the possibilities of sustainable house design, and the burgeoning industry that surrounds it. According to the founders, “the goal at FreeGreen is not to produce the greenest possible home but rather to provide a variety of different home plans that allow people to create homes that fit their lifestyles in a responsible and equitable manner.”

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Thanks for the link timebandit.


This company seems to be operating a similar way to what I've been considering and privately planning for here in the UK and am meeting various people to discuss costs etc to ascertain viability of such a project. It was something I hinted at here.


I may well try and make contact witht them.


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There is a lack of knowledge generally amongst everyone, from architects to installers, involved in construction, as to how really cost efficient many of the technologies can be comparitively in a given scenario and nearly all estimates are quoted as percentage savings based on ideal scenarios rather than true costs and savings presentations.


Yes, exactly what I have found. Consumers seem to be reverting to their trained helplessness...the only way they can achieve home ownership is

accumulating lifelong debt. Eco-anything is synonymous with paying extra $$$ which has got to change asap.




Found this shipping container site - interesting fellow: http://renaissanceronin.wordpress.com/why-...ting-this-blog/


My goal is to help families help themselves.


My DREAM is to create an sustainable eco-village, using ISBUs, to demonstrate the abilities of these boxes to the masses, in a way that can no longer simply be dismissed as “crazy or unconventional.”


I’d hoped that as I traveled this path, letting people become “voyeurs” I’d attract some help. But, it’s not easy being a “pariah.” (sigh!)


So, adversity or not… we move forward, one step at a time.


We’ll continue this as long as we can. It’s not getting any easier here, or “out there.” We all have hard decisions to make.


My goal remains the same: Put families in safe homes, where there was none. Protect our kids (and their future) using steel, and not false-promises from bureaucrats.


Thanks for your comments.



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