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Tara Minerals

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Anyone here in or following this one? It has one up 10 fold since I last looked :o




From what I can gather they are producing 240 tons per day of high grade ore which is worth 250USD per ton which equates to 22 Million USD cash flow per year.


There are 50 Million shares outstanding but Tara Gold Resources owns at least 80% of those shares leaving a very small float.


Earnings per share estimate:


2010 EST – $0.20

2011 EST – $1.00

2012 EST – $3.00


Revenues estimate:


EST 2010 – $20 million

EST 2011 – $100 million

EST 2012 – $250 million


Even though it has gone up 10 fold already it still seems cheap


It would appear they have a forward P/E ratio of 1.7 :blink:


am I missing something?


Even if commodity prices collapse their break even point is WAY below current prices anyway plus they have all the blue sky exploration potential at other sites.

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