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Brown's Gas Hydrogen

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brownsgas (noun) : brownsgas/browns-gas refers to a process discovered by a Bulgarian born Dr. Yule Brown a heavy water phycist where water can be hydrogen/oxygen split up using low voltage causing it to become 66.6 percent hydrogen to 33.3 percent oxygen and then it can be returned back to being water by using the application of low voltage again.

Brownsgas someday will replace petroleum fuel as a free clean energy source. A discovery that is considered to be a future replacement for petroleum fuels, that can also be used to weld anything to anything and transmute nuclear waste into becoming non nuclear. —WillPWilson, The Discovery of Atomic Chemistry, 1993 based on finding verified by more the forty University Physics Departments


Brown's Gas Hydrogen



I just started reading about this and I thought the readers of this site may find it of interest.

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