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Australian support for First Home Buyer Strike goes viral!

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Big news from Australia!


Famous advocate group "Get Up!" is championing a first home buyer strike and calling for an ending of negative gearing tax rort!


This is getting a lot of publicity in today's media.....


Strike article on SMH


Also getting a lot of attention is this official discussion and support thread on AustralianPropertyForum.com.....


Get Up! End Negative Gearing & Property Buyer / First Home Buyer FHB Strike


Here is the links to original campaigns for casting your votes please.....


End neg gearing campaign


FHB striking campaign


Whether you do or not think these campaigns are a good or bad idea there is a lot of discussing going on in viral campaigns, twitter and media.


This is important for all property investors & owners to consider an impact of this campaigns on Australia's property bubble!


Thank you!



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