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Precious Metals Review This Week: June 20th, 2011

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Just short but valuable, the metal review will tell us how the market works this week.


The Metals Review

For the week of June 20th, 2011


Precious metals bounced up last week as fear came back into the market with gold shooting higher from $1,520 to $1,540 and silver rallying to above $36. Even as the USD increases the precious metals appear unaffected by this as traders dip back in to the market here with a falling S&P. As I see it, gold still has great resistance at $1,555 and silver at $38 to $40. Copper is down again below $4.10 as this market has been having a tough time recently and looks to head lower. I believe a $3 handle will be seen very soon as the equity markets still look to come off.


Read more at http://www.pitguru.com/Article.aspx?cmd=archive&day=20&month=6&year=2011

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