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oil and gas service

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(companies to llok at?)

I was interesed in investing a little in energy service, and the following companies seemd to have fairly steady growth and share price increases over recent years, and are well off year highs.

The two income trusts seem to have a good combination of growth & dividends.


Trican looked most attractive to me, with a global presence including lots of fracturing - ie working in the Russian market but without perhaps long-term sunken resources.


Trican Well Service TSX TCW.TO

Ensign Energy Services TSX ESI.TO

Savanna Energy Services TSX SVY.TO


Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust TSX TDG-UN.TO

CCS Income Trust TSX CCR-UN.TO


I haven't dug up offshore service companies yet, other than SubSea7



Anyone got any offshore service companies to investigate?


other energy comments

Biofuels Corporation finally moving a little upward. Stlll a nice loser for me.

Uramin continuing its upward momentum presently.

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