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Relationship between Gold, Silver and Platinum


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Just out of curiosity I just looked at the charts for Gold, Silver and Platinum; after the big falls this last week, not surprisingly there have been big falls in all and thus the charts look similar.


Except Platinum bounced back very sharply!


The question is....


Historically does Platinum usually lead the way after big falls or lag following in wake?, - will Gold and silver follow platinum and rebound this week or will Platinum fall hard?


Platinum seems to have levelled off on thursday and friday ...... looks to be lagging perhaps - i reckon it could be at least a 40 point dropper on monday.

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Bah, the charts havent been updated ..... fall has already happened.


Interesting though, does Platinum usually lag in recovery too?


If gold looks to be recovering, buy platinum? By the looks of the chart Platinum certainly moves fast and hard - perfect for a spread bet.


Can someone with good charting skills compare these 3 for December, Jan, and Feb so far?

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