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UT-databank : Ratings & Reviews of Videos

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UT-databank : Ratings & Reviews of Videos




DATABASE for : Ratings & Reviews from UniversityOf Truth


I want to save the Reviews in one place - this thread


Check out the Playlists on the UniversityOf Truth (on YouTube)


+ All Rated & Reviewed Videos : ACTIVE

+ Videos rated 7.5* or higher -- : Not Active

+ Best Videos-of-Awakening : Not Active

+ Videos held for future ratings : ACTIVE

+ Reviewers roundtable videos : Not Active

*(or whatever the cutoff might be)


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It will help us grow, and attract new Reviewers and Video suggestions.


Many Thanks !


SUMMARY of Rantings and Reviews


Video Name- dated-- : O'all: Evi: EyeO: Lvl : Views: per Mo: Like-- : R's : reviewed :
Thrive Movie - 05.04.12 : 8.5 : B - : 9.0 : L-3 : 8.8 M : 419. k : 0.76% : 01 : 11.01.15
Dolan/Redice- 17.06.14 : 8.0 : B+ : 8.5 : L-4 : 19.1 k : 3.20 k : 0.63% : 01 : 12.01.15

Aust.Fitts/Red. 21.04.14 : 8.0 : B+ : 8.5 : L-4 : 28.0 k : 3.11 k : 0.58% : 01 : 14.01.15


LINK : http://tinyurl.com/UT-Databank

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Using the Rating system / THRIVE Film, as an example

Okay - Think I should explain more about what I recall from my conversation with Yelik about this. We were talking about the need fir materials for waking up Young people, and Adults too. And we agreed that there was a great deal of material on Youtube, but very little of it had been reviewed or vetted by people we trust. What materials are really useful? There's not enough time to review it all

I brought up the THRIVE MOVIE as an example of some gateway material that I considered excellent, but Y. was unfamiliar with it. I also mentioned people like Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, and David Wilcock who were producing good material, but that there were different levels of research, and evidence backing up their work.

I suggested that Youtube films might be separated ito different layers, like the layers on an onion:

EVIDENCE Categories :

A : Fully supported by evidence
B : Likely, but not fully supported by facts
C : "High-octane speculation", as JF calls his educated guesses
D : Wildly speculative, or totally unsupported
E : Wrong, or contrary to evidence

I suppose I would want to see Youtube videos put in one of the categories, and also given other ratings too, like:
+ Engagement Level (how interesting, and entertaining ws it)
+ Eye-opening (how much help is it in waking people up)
+ Awareness Level (how awake does someone need to be, to engage with it)

Off the top of my head, I might Rate

Apr 5, 2012

THRIVE Movie, Rated as follows: (based on 1 reviewer)

Views : 8.796 Million since Apr. 2012 (21 mos: 419k / mo. )
Likes : 66,497 : 0.76 %
Engagement : 8.5 (out of 10)
Evidence----- : B - / A mix of Likely, and/or High Octane Speculation
Eye-opening : 9 (out of 10)
Awareness-- : Level 3, (out of 10) is needed to get most out of it
Might also include some descriptions of the Film,
and what the reviewer liked and did not like about it.

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(I want a Dolan interview on the Breakaway Civilization in the reviews

- there may be a better one than this. Please suggest one.)

Red Ice Radio - Richard Dolan - Hr1 - Privatized UFO Knowledge & The New Age Movement

Jun 17, 2014

R.Dolan Interview on Redice, dtd. Jun. 17, 2014 : (based on 1 reviewer, DB)

Views : 19,136 since Jun. 2014 (6 mos: 3.2 k / mo. )

Likes : 00,121 : 0.63 %


Engagement : 8.0 (out of 10)

Evidence----- : B + / A mix of Likely, and some sources; but no "footnotes"

Eye-opening : 8.5 (out of 10)

Awareness-- : Level 4, (out of 10) is needed to get most out of it

COMMENTS from Reviewer(s):

It helps to be familiar with historian, Richard Dolan, and his works.

He gives the background for what he calls "the breakaway civilization."

At 38 mins, I liked his story about Brad Sorenson, and the ARV's,

Alien Reproduction Vehicles. I wish he could ID more insiders.

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(CAF has a good few points that she saw as an insider, concerning the Breakaway Civilization

- she puts these together into one of the most comprehensive description of how the BC gets

the money it needed to get a offshoot branch of humanity into space, and into control of Earth.)

Red Ice Radio - Catherine Austin Fitts - Hour 1 - Secret Space Program & The Black Budget

Apr. 21, 2014

CAF Interview on Redice, dtd. Apr.21, 2014 : (based on 1 reviewer, DB)

Views : 27,958 since Apr. 2014 (9 mos: 3.1 k / mo. )

Likes : 00,163 : 0.58 %


Engagement : 8.0 (out of 10)

Evidence----- : B + / Insider Insights & evidence, with dots connected in a "creative" way

Eye-opening : 8.5 (out of 10)

Awareness-- : Level 4, (out of 10) is needed to get most out of it

COMMENTS from Reviewer(s):

The breakaway civilization has "harvested" the income of our planet, to finance a secret space program; building high tech spacecraft, and taking humans off planet. This sounds shocking, but CAF provides some real evidence that this is happening. She gives some speculative estimates of the trillions of dollars that may have been extracted. It will blow your mind. And as an ex-Asst. Secretary of Housing, she has had some glimpses as an insider. But this remains a bold exercise in connecting dots to come up with a fresh explanation of how our planet is really run. Drugs maybe be part of it, and many of those UFO's that are seen everywhere could be built by us.


CAF thinks they stole trillions, using drug deals and mortgage fraud, and used Wall St bailouts to cover the tracks. Now that the money has been stolen, and laundered, they are "dribbling it back in, supporting start-up co's and new tools to build the space technology at a lower cost. The public may now be brought into the secret, so that the "best and brightest" can be used by the SSG to extend its reach and power.

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