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Future paradigm shift

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I don't want to get into a debate into the whole is there global warming/is it manmade and all the various permutations but, regardless of your opinion on such issues ..........


It must be recognised that there is a promoted shift (often financially assisted) from creating heat/hot water supplies away from traditional methods of combustion creating heat then transferred through an exchanger into heating to the compression of refrigerants to create the initial heat source. A movement away from old and gas (carbon emitting) to refrigerants.

It must be recognised that it is less polluting (when contained and controlled) to use a refrigerant than the combustion of volatile fuels. The same could be argued regarding nuclear energy sources however they are often frown upon and can't see anytime soon where we all have or accept a small compact nuclear reactor pumping away every time it feels a bit niipy

It must be recognised that in a claimed warming climate society will rely more on not JUST heating but also cooling in the form of air con etc for our comfort. We're are not conditioned anymore to just put an extra 'pully' on when we're cold or sit in our boxers with a cold beer when it's hot and humid. Business itself accepts that production is reduced once temperature creates an excessive +\- climate.


So in my mind we are seeing an increasing market in using refrigerants as an energy source with regards to heating/cooling and the market will only be getting bigger and more competitive.


In all systems there are components which will see an increase in demand. From the pumps to circulate, the compressors to generate heat or cooling or indeed (and probably more interestingly a less competitive marketplace) the refrigerants. 


Pumps. Traditional systems require a single, maybe two circulation pump generally where as systems converting solar/air source and ground source require two maybe three meaning an increase in demand per application. I have however found that the major players like Grundfos or Wilo are not performing greatly. Too early maybe? Worth continued exploration.


Compressors. Used to compress a gas into fluid state thus generating heat. This is a new component in heating systems and as such demand will grow. I don’t, however, have enough experience of manufacturers of such a component to weigh up their continued longevity and as such have left it alone for now. it’s early days.


Refridgerant. This to me is the biggie. Possibly THE replacement for OIL or GAS in the conventional heating cooling system ……



I’ve been looking at Daikin who have performed very well over the past 5 years since ‘Green Energy’ lost it’s impetus. Not only do they manufacture the technological equipment, they also develop and manufacture the chemical and remember 10 year or so ago in a marketing meeting with them in the UK them claiming that their competition were actually stifled by the fact they have to buy refrigerant from Daikin. Mitsibushi is the market leader in air source product but other division of the Mitsubishi mean, to the best of my understanding, investing relies on all their interests including their automotive etc. concerns.


The elephant in the room with refrigerants I know is that one day, someone somewhere will centre in on the GWP potential of regrigerants. When they’re common place, when they leak gases into the atmosphere, when they’re fly tipped on a layby in the countryside because it’s cheaper than recycling (think 80’s fridge freezers) then the backlash will come.


Your thoughts?




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