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Pilar Gold Group: Aiming to become a ~500,000 oz producer


Björn and Sven from GoldInvest.de kindly arranged a 10 minute interview to update you on our progress. When Tucano and Pilar are both producing 100,000 ounces a year and Laiva is approaching 80,000 ounces I will splash out and buy a new suit. Click here to see the interview - we hope you find it useful.  

After the tremendous Tucano site visit with investors in October, we have decided to arrange a second visit on December 4th to 6th. We will also be joined by our supporters Arne & Stijn who will be filming at Mina Tucano for their Youtube mining channel. Our 200 person camp is perfect to settle into and the fish from the local river are delicious when Joter our GM is running the BBQ. Hope you can make it.  

Back up in Finland, click on this link for the latest video from Laiva Gold. Percy does an excellent job explaining our 3 million tonne low grade stockpile that will be invaluable as a blend with the fresh ores from the North and South pit. Assuming a grade of 0.5 g/t there could be some 45,000 ounces of gold or US$85 million sitting in this huge stockpile right next to the mill.

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TORONTO, ON, November 28, 2023 – Silver Crown Royalties Inc. (“Silver Crown”, “SCR” or the “Corporation”, or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the closing of the first tranche (the “First Tranche”) of its previously announced net smelter return royalty for up to 90% of the cash equivalent of silver produced from Pilar Gold’s (“Pilar”) PGDM Complex. To complete the First Tranche, SCR paid US$500,000 (less SCR’s transaction expenses) in cash in exchange for a net smelter return royalty for the cash equivalent of 22.5% of the silver produced from the PGDM Complex (the “Royalty”). The completion of the First Tranche allows Pilar to pursue certain productivity enhancements at the PGDM Complex in Brazil while allowing Silver Crown Royalties to increase and diversify its revenue base.

ABOUT SILVER CROWN ROYALTIES INC. Founded by industry veterans, SCR is a pre-IPO stage revenue generating silver-only royalty company focusing on silver as byproduct credits. SCR aims to minimize the economic impact to mining projects while maximizing returns to shareholders. SCR presently has two sources of revenues and continues to build on this foundation targeting additional operational silver producing projects.

For further information, please contact: Silver Crown Royalties Inc. Peter Bures Chairman and CEO Email: pbures@silvercrownroyalties.com

To read the full release click read more

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28.7M shares outstanding with implied market cap of C$11.5M 15 v Issued 3,300,000 shares at 5c in May 2022; management participated in >50% of placement v Issued 5,500,000 to management/partners at a deemed value of 5c (May 2022-March 2023) v Issued 16.9M shares and 8.9M warrants in upsized and oversubscribed C$3.4M (gross) raise of 20c units (with ½ share warrant exercisable at 40c for a period of 2 years) v Targeting C$6-11M raise of 40c units with ½ share warrant exercisable at 80c for a period of 3 years; plan to issue 9,250,000 shares to vendors in connection with additional royalty acquisitions v Targeting listing on TSX Venture Exchange in H1 2024 (all instruments listed)
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