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MASTERING AI: You Need knowledge & Access to the Tools

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MASTERING AI: You Need knowledge & Access to the Tools

This thread might help gain the knowledge.

Let's Learn here...  And then, Talk about the Tools


By the time you are Finished (with any human project) you are already behind AI

Two very useful Videos, to begin the journey

/ 1 /

"Some day a Billion Dollar co., will be run by just One person, with the help of AI bots"

Billion Dollar Teams: The Future of an AI Powered Workforce | SXSW 2024  

/ 2 /

Eric is surprizingly interesting when he starts talking science.  WORTH A LISTEN.  

AI and Quantum Computing: Glimpsing the Near Future   >

The Tools "will sneak in everywhere"... so get ready.

AI will be smarter (in some areas) than humans are.   (Personally, I FEAR that, and think AI may find a way to get what it needs and wants, irregardless if that is good for most humans.  Example, AI has almost insatiable needs for energy.   I can foresee a time in the near future when AI's and its computer servers, are taking energy that less favored humans want.  AI is already creating inflation in some areas.)

Comment on Billion $ Teams video @LFPAnimations. 24 thumbs up

this guy is really good at doing the classic silicon valley hype tactic. He cites the rate of change and where things are going, but kind of glosses over the fact that the vast majority of these AI projects have some glaring flaws that may not have solutions. Copyright infringement, hallucinations, misinformation and misleading answers, and lack of control in the output. Anyone who has to work with computers for their job knows that any fancy new tech will inevitably need you to hold it's hand to get the end product you want. The question with AI is whether the hand-holding and prompt-engineering will actually take less effort than doing the task the original way.

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The CONVERSATION between Brian Greene and Eric Schmidt generated some concerns - in the comments

FN :

Thanks for making clear (at about 50 minutes), the WILL to gain more power to implement the development of more AI. ES said: "Democracy requires some level of Authority." By Democracy, he means DEMoCrazy (or our present Oligarchy), the power and policies of our left-leaning Elites. I am a believer in the US constitution, and that comment here sent a chill down my spine.


Brian: "Nobody can do this in their garage. But it is not that hard to get hold of a system and try it." Yup. But when I hear that, I think about all the governments and potential hobbyists who will be trying these out. The FEAR seeps in when, among other things, I think about AI's potentially insatiable need for Energy. (There might be a role for govts in monitoring and regulating how mch power AI and its servers use.)


TOOLS:   You need to UNDERSTAND the tools, and have ACCESS to them. and maybe someone to PAY for their use, if you want to Fully benefit from the Future of AI.

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"KING OF AI?"   Sam Alman's History, is pretty interesting- and helps to explain why he was FIRED from OpenAI, and then soon hired back.  

No doubt he has been a consistent part of the development of OpenAI and the AI sector.  When Elon left, it was Sam who came up

with the idea of using a For-Profit vehicle for (needed) fundraising under the Not-for-Profit parent.  Altman turned to Microsoft.

Sam Altman - Grappling with a New Kind of Intelligence (Sam's Background)


Sam Altman & Brad Lightcap: Which Companies Will Be Steamrolled by OpenAI? | E1140

/ 3 /

Satya Nadella & Sam Altman: Dawn of the AI Wars | The Circuit with Emily Chang



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FREE (or highly useful) AI Tools

9 Artificial Intelligence Tools that will make You Rich!

Top 9: ChatGPT (predictive text for writing and conversations), Adobe Gen AI, WriteSonic... Tome AI (creates presentations), MidJourney (AI Art), Durable (build websites)... Chat.DID, Muf AI (voice overs), Synthesia


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The ASU "DIGITAL BRIEFCASE" of AI & Online Tools

Your ASU Digital Briefcase is a suite of 21st century technologies that you can leverage to deliver exceptional instruction and services.


  1. ZOOM            Video conferencing, meetings, study groups
  2. SLACK           : Collaboration hub, messaging, search
  3. DROPBOX     : Unlimited Storage Drive, auto back-up
  4. Gg. Wk’space: Cloud based, to create, edit docs, etc
  5. ZOOM phone : Standard Voice communications
  6. ServiceNow   : IT Assistance from ASU reps.
  7. MS Office365: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Exchange, etc

==> https://tech.asu.edu/initiatives/asu-digital-briefcase



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ACCESS to Money is a Key advantage of Silicon Valley


Y-COMBINATOR is a Start-up Haven... for new emerging Tech Co's

How to Get Into Silicon Valley’s $600 Billion Startup School | The Circuit with Emily Chang



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Our AI FUTURE, could be a Dystopia

+ We will have access to almost free resources:  Food, Housing, Healthcare.  But the standard quality will be low. Only the tiny number of super-rich people will have access to an upper tier of high quality resources.

+ The rich will be protected by extensive security,  and tend to live in protected enclaves, venturing out among the "masses" only with bodyguards, or in disguise

+ People will have little or no ability to complain, and the emphasis will be on protecting government owned Providers of Resources, rather than Consumers

+ All elections will be rigged, with massive propaganda and online messading leading into the elections, and complex machine algorhythms that will insure the pre-Selected candidates usually win. Iit will be taboo to challenge any winning candidate that has the support of the all-powerful state

+ Equal justice will be non-existent.  Those with protectors in Elite classes, or supporting the "correct" political views will be able to break many laws, and go unpunished.  While those with the "wrong" politics might be set up, or indicted for crimes they did not commit.  This sad reality will go under reported in the Mainstream news.

+ A rising number of people will be engaged, and sometimes given financial rewards, for reporting the misdeeds, and hate speech of their neighbors and work colleagues.


An Expert interviewed on AI's future

"Life Will Get Weird The Next 5 Years!"- Build Wealth While Others Lose Their Jobs | Peter Diamandis



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JOB LOSSES & Alignment Danger, Discussed at 1:38 Hours in...

The 3 Year AI Reset: How To Get Ahead While Others Lose Their Jobs (Prepare Now) | Emad Mostaque


"the only thing we have to think about is alignment"

The AI machines, and "Machines of Love and Grace" - SCARY!

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REMARKABLE GROWTH - with lots of ACQUISITIONS along the way, & lots of luck too

NVIDIA's Epic Rise from Zero to $3Trillion [Documentary]


... "money is all pouring into the same ten names, and the actual required end revenues aren't there"

He estimated there is $3B of revenues collected by companies that have spent hundreds of Billions.

Is A Meltdown In Tech Stocks Nearing As Doubts Of A.I.'s Impact Mount? | Fred Hickey



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Tell me it IS NOT TRUE!

Still No BIG revolution, No Big Revenues for AI Owners...  AI learning is slowing, as content is fully "eaten"

"Every single transaction. Every time someone uses it, they are losing money."

The A.I. Bubble is Bursting with Ed Zitron: "the markets are disconnected from Value, especially Tech"



Mostly this is complaints about Facebook, and ZBorg's focus on impressing the financial markets, rather than his customers

@ariloulei814      4 days ago (edited)

My AI professor literally told me Artificial Intelligence is at best a projection of Computer Scientist goals and at worst a marketing term to fool people.

@sanderbjerknes4476   2 days ago

"I want ai to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for ai to do art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes." - Joanna Maciejewska

@Kalepsis  2 days ago

The reason social media sites don't work as social media sites is because they're not social media sites. They're ad delivery platforms.

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