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TNR Gold Corp (TNR.v) - Argentina / North America(Alaska) big potential

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Here's a stock that's tried and true... solid and experienced junior on the TSX.


I've followed them for awhile - since their Lundin - Tenke ($25/share buyout) days in Argentina. To this day they still have ties with Lundin through Suramina Resources.


15 Projects in stable areas of Argentina.


El Salto / El Tapau is early stage drilling - big blue sky potential

Relatively known guy - Bob Moriarty visits in Feb - results soon officially... that'll results in a nice pop



Los Azules is with XStrata (giant) and Minera Andes (MAI.to) and TNR has 25%

I believe Allen Ambrose of MAI says 5-7 billion lbs of 1%+ copper... very promising


Eureka Project has 54 million lbs 1% copper 1g/ton + gold - HISTORIC RESOURCE

- needs few more drilling reports to bring to 43-101 - gonna be REAL good in 2008 latter half


Also 100% on Escorpio IV project right next to it


Last year Nov 2007 had a nice pop to $0.71... just last week ran to $.30. Todays back down to $0.23 on what seems like fund/institutional sellers looking for liquidity.


No worries though such solid support at mid 20's...


Clifdroke.com wrote up TNR recently at $0.24 recommended buy for his readers. chek it on TNR's media section.


Any thoughts?

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