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Windmills in the caribbean , a great investment opportunity

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Lucrative investment opportunity windmills in the Caribbean

James Post, senior consultant, Mainwind BV

La Tante, St. David, GRENADA


7 August 2008


Investors earn 12% base interest, increasing when oil prices go up, by investing in windmills in the Caribbean. Investments start at less than 300,000 US$ for a 250 kW windmill to more than 5,000,000 US$ for a wind park with 7 750 kW windmills. The wind parks can be financed by a pool of investors with a minimum participation of 500,000 US$


James Post is the Caribbean rep of a leading Dutch company http://www.mainwind.nl in installing and maintenance of windmills. Currently, wind parks in Europe are upgrading their capacity from 250....750 kW to 2...3 MW. The smaller windmills are taking down, completely reconditioned and are sold with a 15 year all-in maintenance contract.


The price per kWh of the smaller windmills is competitive with the largest units and far better than new smaller windmills. In the Caribbean, larger windmills can generally not be placed because of infrastructural limitations.


This is therefore a unique opportunity. However, financing of windmills in the Caribbean is not trivial. Although there are no risks (contracts with electricity companies, 15 year maintenance contracts) local banks do not understand green energy and are asking additional securities which often blocks the deal.


The Caribbean has one of the best wind regimes and one of the highest electricity costs and is therefore excellently suitable for wind energy.


For more information, contact:

James Post

(++1) 473-405-8888




About James Post


James had a career in senior management positions in the high tech electronics industry from 1973 to 2000 in the Netherlands. He founded and managed Ultimate Technology BV, who became a market leader in PC based design automation After a merger with Electronics Workbench (later taken over by National Instruments) he moved to the Caribbean and started to promote green energy in the region, initially on a non-profit basis. Since January 2008 he is a senior consultant with Mainwind and represents them in the Caribbean. He also offers consultancy and coaches clients from the feasibility study via foundation design assistance and supervision during construction to managing a local, factory-trained installation and maintenance team.


James is also the owner of the sustainable boutique resort Paradise Bay Resort & Spa in Grenada, Caribbean. This Tropical Beach Resort was the first resort in the world with a utility class windmill : http://www.paradisebayresort.net


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