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I have been retained by the Washington, DC representative of K & C Mines (Democratic Republic of the Congo) to secure US $7.5-million in equity funding (debt/equity will be considered) with which to enable K & C to commence riverbed extraction on 30Km of Govertnment awarded claims with geologic verification of 50-million carats.


Capital required to acquire barges, dredges and to establish a labor/admin worksite. Capital can be provided in Phased draws the first of which will be $4-million. 45% equity ownership offered in this Company which was established in 2003.


First year estimated revenue $20-million with production/recovery commencing within 6-months of capital investment.


The Principals of K & C Mines would prefer an investor who has existing diamond mining or alluvial extraction operational experience but this is not mandatory.


Qualified parties with the required financial ability are invited to email request additional information and contact information for the Principals: coopercash@earthlink.net (Richard Cooper, Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

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