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Energy Rating Compulsory 4 all house sales from June 07

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It is a start:


Homes to be energy-saving rated


The new packs will give houses an energy efficiency rating

Every house sold in England and Wales will be given an energy efficiency rating like those found on electrical goods, the government will announce.

The Energy Performance Certificate will be part of the new Home Information Packs being introduced next June.



Unfortunately the Gov missed a trick. They could have waved or reduced stamp duty for the most efficient houses, but decided not to. Still ...


... interestingly, the houses the Beeb chose to visit inn their News24 package on this were quite clearly built from modern materials - ie NOT bricks and mortar .... they looked pre-built to me... but I could be wrong. The anchor accused Housing minister Yvette Cooper of trying to undermine the price of older houses, including Britains large Victorian stock (paranoid?) ... those Victorians sure are costing is a fortune one way and another ( Victorian water legacy needs facelift - "Thames Water has recently proposed a £4bn investment programme to upgrade the city's oldest water mains and sewers. " )




Survey will cost £250.


More jobs for the boyz.


Details on WHAT will make your house better rated are not available to me, but solar panels and other micro-generation measures will help. Insulation , both loft and cavity are clearly advantageous.


When financial incentives are given in council taxes this may add to growing interest in green things. Housing minister Yvette Cooper claimed to be interested in the idea of council tax reductions.


In the meantime high energy prices could persuade tenants to go for lets with better ratings. I wonder how many one-man-and-his-band developments have placed energy efficiency at the top of their agenda when developing for letting ... judging by the cult of "space", not many...





South-West Eco-Homes, the Beeb featured eco development, Langport, Somerset

Green Building Webring

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