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Geological Consultants?


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Another really good approach to finding quality companies - is asking their contractors. Having seen so many properties many contractors tend to have an unbiased opinion of which propertie are good... a quick scan of client list shows CMG works with Serengti and Bravo Ventures, both spectacular successes in the last 2-3 years.





When it comes to experience, expertise, and the unbiased opinions, Coast Mountain has provided full service geological consulting for Bravo Ventures (BVG.v), Serengeti Resources (SIR.v), Bayswater Uranium (BAY.v), BHP Billiton, TECK Cominco, Canadian Zinc Metals (CZX.v), and more for the last 20 years!


If you're a cash starved junior company - Coast Mountain can help you compile and package properties to majors for some much needed cash flow and joint venture advancements!




Pre-Field Services

- Claim Staking, Permit Acquisition, & Community Relations

- Camp Set-up & Logistics including Field Communication & Internet Phone/Services

- Project Staffing and Training

- Extensive Research including Literary Reviews

- Custom Field Map & Project Data Creation

- Safety, First Aid, & Emergency Response Planning & Implementation


In-Field Services

- Develop & Manage Drill Programs

- Drill Core Sampling & Logging

- Geochemical & Geophysical Surveys

- Geotechnical Studies

- Trenching

- Ongoing Community Relations & Local Involvement (ie. First Nations)

- Camp Design, Installation, Operation, and Management

- Fully Certified Safety Managers


Post-Field Services

- Extensive GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Analysis including plan view, cross sections, & 3D maps

- Qualifying Reports including Assessments and National Instrument (N.I.) 43-101 Reports

- Cartographic Compilation fo Regulatory & Marketing Reports

- Presentation Graphics

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