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Ten-baggers in Canada - Suggestions

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Discovery Investing: Homework for the Holidays

Monday, July 3, 2006

By Michael Berry


'Ten baggers' await those who do some digging

I hope you are having a happy holiday with your family and loved ones. Jointly celebrating the birth of two countries is a good omen for the future. I hope to create wealth for you to enjoy occasions such as those experienced this past weekend.


But if you have a little time up in Tobermory, Kelowna, Aspen, Charlottesville or the Hampton's this weekend, savoring a Blue or a Heineken and barbecuing some fine salmon or Alberta beef, take some time to reflect.


I have acquired many new readers. Most have not heard of many stocks that I have reviewed. Examine the following list and perform some due diligence. Don't think too hard. You can do it while managing the barbeque and watching the kids swim.


Ask a few simple questions:


Who is management?

What is their track record?

Where are the properties?

What is the potential?

Do Directors own, buy or sell the stock?

Is the property (intellectual or land) in elephant country?

Is world-class potential (cancer cure, five million ounces of gold, etc.) a possibility?

Is the stock cheap with not too many shares outstanding?

Does management execute and communicate?

Is a "ten bagger" possible?



These are starter questions - but important nonetheless. All these companies have Web sites. Study, learn and develop your Discovery intuition. If you write or email me I will send my ten point Discovery grid. Here is the list I am assigning for Canada and Independence Day homework:


Quaterra Resources (TSX: V.QTA, BullBoards)

Midway Gold (TSX: V.MDW, BullBoards)

Kenrich Eskay (TSX: V.KRE, BullBoards)

Polymet (AMEX: PLM, BullBoards)

Terraco Gold (TSX: V.TEN, BullBoards)

Senesco Technologies (AMEX: SNT, BullBoards)

Derek Oil and Gas (TSX: V.DRK, BullBoards)

Energy Metals (TSX: V.EMC, BullBoards)

Baja Mining (TSX: V.BAJ, BullBoards)

Birch Mountain (AMEX: BMD, BullBoards)

Can West Petroleum (OTC: CWPC, BullBoards)

Blue Pearl (TSX: V.BLE, BullBoards)

MacMillan Gold (TSX: V.MMG, BullBoards)

VanGold Resources (TSX: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/charts/bi...&mocktick=1, BullBoards)


. . . . . charts


If you rank these I will review your list, personally, and grade your homework - for what it's worth. I don't give many A's. This is a partial list. I am always looking for new ideas and have 10 more potential Discovery names that I am working on, as well. For the record I own all these stocks.


@: http://www.stockhouse.com/shfn/editorial.asp?edtID=18436

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