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The Coming End of Naked, Pool and No Uptick Short Selling Effectiveness

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Extremely Important

Be Prepared

The end is close for the effectiveness of Naked, Pool and No Up-tick Short Selling

There are still extremely large (legal and otherwise) short positions in junior gold & silvers plus junior producers of both remaining uncovered as the ability TO POUND LOWER is coming to an end.


The short of gold on the COMEX, the short of gold in everything gold and silver is incestuous.


We have differences from time to time in market views, but I believe you respect my understanding of the technical characteristics and mind of the opposition in precious metals.


With a maximum of 60 days for comment on the reinstatement of a form, but an effective form, of the Up Tick Rule, cover needs to be accomplished in the next 90 days for the extremely large short position in the modest or low-volume trading silver and gold issues.




COMPANIES TO COVER, now have only one option left.





You will recognize the dirty trick when it occurs.


You witnessed it in Royal Gold (RGLD) when it occurred. You have seen it in multiple silver


issues. The South African shares have not been immune.


No precious metal share is immune for the next 90 days, none, no exceptions



How do you prepare?

1. You must eliminate ALL margin. Margin is the tool of dirty tricks, which still exists under $5 as maintenance margin. It is the killer. If you have any form of margin in anything gold between now and mid-June you have made yourself a sitting duck for the last try to cover, the DIRTY TRICK.


2. Be prepared mentally to go through what the shareholders of Royal Gold had to endure around $10 before it rose to over $40.


3. Recognize that the strategy of DIRTY TRICK is now a LAST DITCH, Hail Mary play by the bad guys (people who cannot profit if the game is played according to the rules) to make cover as they are about to lose.


4. If you know that emotions have a nasty habit of driving your market or investment decisions, please reduce the size of your position to the point of comfort, but stay prepared to reenter if your issue becomes the target of the DIRTY TRICK.


Please remember that Royal Gold (RGLD) earned its position as a target because it was a leader


in the field and had a large frustrated short position made up of the same suspects as today.


Dr B, you know the score re. PM stocks. Thoughts? Incidently, RGLD has been getting knocked back significantly over the last few days - even on the back of this news: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2009...-per-ounce.aspx Dirty tricks for RGLD again?




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The Royal Gold Hatchet Job

Posted: Apr 11 2009 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: April 11, 2009 at 3:25 am


Filed under: General Editorial


Dear CIGAs,


Let us all remember when Barron’s Weekly panned Royal Gold (RGLD) hard in 2005.


That was the absolute low for Royal Gold (RGLD) since that absolutely uncalled for event.


You will recall Barron’s clearly and unabashedly admitted they had gotten their information for that hatchet job from a source that was short Royal Gold (RGLD).


Royal Gold prices share offering

Apr 8 2009 8:07am EDT


TORONTO (Reuters) - Royal Gold Inc said late Tuesday it has agreed to sell 6.5 million shares at $38 per share, and will use the proceeds to finance its acquisition of a stake in the gold produced from the Andacollo mine in Chile.


Denver-based Royal Gold said it expects proceeds from the offering, net of commission and expenses, of $235.3 million. The company said its offering will close on April 14.


Royal Gold, which acquires and manages precious metal royalty interests, earlier this week said it would acquire a stake in the gold produced from the Andacollo mine in Chile from Canada’s Teck Cominco and Chilean state-owned entity ENAMI for $300 million.




RGLD down to $37 now. So the £38 agreed share price explains (to me) RGLD's recent fall. (Though the shares actually started to drop on the news of the deal with TCK - which I don't really get. What was bad about it? Shorts exiting?)


I'm not exactly sure what Jim's inferring... ?


After reading this: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2009...lain-sight.aspx maybe this is of use: Motley Fools Stock CAPS Screener


A bit more from Jim:


Why would an organized short seller not cover in the marketplace even after having accomplished extremely low prices in Gold juniors?


The main purpose of this new multi-year attack of the entire investment group of junior exploration, development and even producing shares has as its goal “To prevent the field from obtaining financing.”


The plan of the organized shorts is not to re-buy their short positions back in the marketplace but rather to by preventing the companies from normal financing do the following:


1. Force by necessity the company to do participation financing on predatory terms on extremely exciting properties.


2. Force the company by necessity to do private placements with warrants and options that favored the private placee to the degree of dilution to the present stockholder that is egregious.


3. Force by necessity the company to accept loans terms based on their property sure to result because of short timeline in the failure on the note and title on the property to pass to the hands of the private loan note placement party.


This explains the enigma of no cover.


The strategy of defense has been to determine any and all other means of financing rather than the normal chain of broker dealer networks now making more money from the perpetrators than the operating companies.

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