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OIH Thread : Highly Volatile etf for Oil Service

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OIH, Volatility is thy name



Some think it is manipulated- found this comment


Last week I took incredible grief from readers about the knockdown manipulation of the Oil Service HOLDRs. I said it was being leaned on mercilessly and that it was indicative of nothing but options selling pressure. I described the sickening decline from $138 to $130 of the ETF as the friction of having all of these stupid ETFs that are so easy to manipulate down.



..MORE: http://adamsoptions.blogspot.com/

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MIKE PAULENOFF on XLE : Any Relationship to OIH?


Q: What is your position on oil?


A: Although yesterday's rally in the XLE from 54.21 into today's high at 56.73 (so far) does not change my overall, intermediate-term (developing bearish) outlook, the creation of a BIG top on the XLE takes time, and could require another loop to the upside to retest recent highs at 58.00/35 within the top-building process, which at this juncture, I am unwilling to sit through. If 56.90 is hit, we will move to the sidelines and await our next opportunity to establish new short positions in BOTH the XLE and OIH, which also is carving-out a meaningful top pattern.


@: http://www.stockhouse.com/shfn/editorial.asp?edtID=18522







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