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Shorting Silver?


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I've been reading volumes on the internet about silver of late. Questions are floating around more that answers. Will silver continue its correction? What is the gold/silver ratio currently? What's the best way to invest in silver? Is the silver market being distorted by the ETFs? Is the silver/gold market being shorted? Well I found one answer. However, I must digress to divulge.



In my quest for silvery enlightenment, I came upon the Silver Summit 2009, a vacation for mineral bugs like me. Mecca. Many of the big bears will be presenting, I daren't name them for fear of leaving one out. I found an interesting article (of clothing in fact). Silver Clothing. There is a silver clothier that has created a proprietary line of clothes with a silver lining (it's really in the fibers). Here's how they introduced themselves:



ECLECTIC SILVER is the world's only SILVER CLOTHIER, with its major focus being on silver's anti-microbial & super-conductor qualities which help keep its wearers healthier and experience less discomfort/pain. Other qualities: Temperature regulating, thermo- & hydro-dynamic, and anti-static. Great for Miners, Athletes, Hunters & Law Enforcement. Everyone!



I couldn't let it go, so I followed this E-trail to their web-site, and landed in an E-store. They have a whole line of clothing. Here's the site if you are interested.







Items featured:






Athletic Wear (9)

Base Layer Wear (13)

Camo Gear (17)

Casual Wear (8)

Outdoor Wear (10)










So, there is another way to invest in silver. Clothing. What should I buy? I need something for the whole family. Mens apparel, athletic wear, casual wear. Here's something, Medalist® Silvermax™ Performance Underwear Boxers. Their advertisement: It instantly inhibits bacterial growth which causes odor. Stay-dry Skinetics®MTS rapidly wicks away chill producing moisture. Body heat regulating keeps you warm during cold weather conditions. Anti-static immediately dissipates electrostatic charge for quiet noise-free movement. Eureka!

My wife often complains about noise I make, and the odor that ensues. My desire to own silver, and keep my family safe has finally come together. Silver Clothes! Most importantly, I finally have an answer to one question about The Silver Market. Is silver being shorted? YES! Mens boxers to be precise. Brian "Boot" Boutilier




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