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recreational nomad


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I can remember hearing a story about the "grey vagabonds" in Australia (sorry couldn't find a weblink) who sell up thier property, buy a camper van to do circuits of the coast after they retire.


Sounds like you're well ahead of the "game" there :)



Alas, a young family and my personal project of "building up capital" would prevent me from having this life style at the moment, but I've not ruled it out just yet. It would indeed be nice to be in a position where one could choose to have a life like this.


Thanks we certainly enjoy it.General advice you do not need to win the lottery to live like this far from it.remember 3 months in morocco £850.00.


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Live in WHAT ? a cave :lol:

so u where a pikey then.

no truth in the old saying you can take id5 out of the caravan but you cant take the caravan out of id5. :lol::lol:



PS: A council house was a step up for us but I bet your motor home is far plusher than our caravan no step down for you there :P

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