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Bull or Bear on GOLD?

Guest Impartial

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The trader claims gold is heading for a trainwreck bottom.


Scroll down and read the comments at the bottom there is a very good exchange with lots of facts between bull and bear, I take sides with the bull.



Good find Impartial (but why arent you registered?..Hmmm)


I agree on the gold thing, I'm more bullish than bearish.

The JP guy was more convincing...but gold bugs can be a bit rabid and their in-yer-face approach is off-putting.


I found the author unconvincing (Philip Davis - 'the bear'?) his arguements were vague with very little to back them up. Additionally, when he's pulled up on a number of points he seems to back down.


Damn site better than Dr AstroBradleys Spangly-share-o-graph thingy though.

Mars in Uranus... :) pfff

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