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Chinese gov buy large stake in AIM listed Gold miner


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I have held this share since 13p (unlucky for me so far) last year I bought it on the advice of a friend and if I am honest I am been regretting it ever since but I am too stubborn to give up once I am in especially on an investment which was always going to be highly speculative.


Most of the time has been waiting to see if they get finance or go bust which were the two options I was considering. They announced a financing deal yesterday and whilst I think the management couldn't negotiate their way out of a paper bag based on the deal they have done it does now provide some security for the company going forward and a strong team in the "concert party" with the political will and clout to make some money out of the projects they have.


It seems to be political will and clout was always going to be important in this play and now with a gov on board who clearly want gold and silver. Here is some coverage of the deal:


Proactive Investors



Growth Company









Small Cap News



Money Week



So I know everyone on here actually know a bit about these type of companies what are your views of the deal is it positive or negative in the context of what else is being done? Should I expect to profit from my holding in the next year?

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