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Oil sector of the world is showing signs of boom with investments pouring in from all directions. Investment in oil sector can be done in two ways. One way is Oil Exploration, which involves huge risks but can also be highly rewarding. It involves finding the land that carries great reservoirs of oil and oil wells. The other way is to invest by buying mutual funds or company stocks.


Drilling oil wells can give rise to huge returns. An oil well hit can start rewarding within 60 days of it being hit. With more than half of the world oil reserves yet to tapped, finding and drilling suitable oil wells don’t seem that far-fetched. Oil Field investments have gone up in recent times, owing to its rising prices and decreasing supply.


Oil and Gas sector presents great oil investment opportunity. By the year 2030, the world oil consumption will increase by 115 million barrels per day, 30 million barrels more than that’s consumed today. The world demand is expected to increase at the rate of 1.8% per year in the coming 30 years.


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