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  1. made quite a sum on GVC.L it was supendously undervalued at 86pence for the June 07
  2. IPE (ICE) list peak oil contracts. e.g they are good on peak. but they are perpetual until the time of peak check em out.
  3. jonpo

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Looking at the chart it looks like we could easily see 600$ as soon as tommorow. I know I know. Im supposed to be a gold bear. I don't argue with the charts though..... 640$ then $540 ?
  4. jonpo

    The Fuel Cell thread

    personally ACTA.L is the only New Energy tech company I think is worth investing in right now. Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells ( run your electric car on 100% ethanol ) Direct Gasoline Fuel Cells ( ditch your lead acid battrey Gasoline hybrids are go ) Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.
  5. Hydrogen is just a Euphamism for Nuclear. youve heard about the hydrogen bomb - now buy the hydrogen car. 60 years after making the Bomb, and we still ain't got it properly sorted out.... conspiracy ? ironic that with the energy in your last cr4p you could probably power a lightbulb for the rest of your life.
  6. Its possible that ACTA.L could have a decent solution, use the electricity for electrolysis of water and then when you need the electricity convert the hydrogen to electricity using your fuel cell. products of electrolysis are oxygen + hydrogen.