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  1. CityGate: Prime location: KROMA, & AFT are Going Up Fast ------------------------------------------------------------------------> : RENTING / Buying 2nd-hand @ Kroma -> Page 6 Great Business Connections: Walking along Ayala Avenue, away from the City Gate end (Citygate will be across the street, to the right) : CG model-fr ChRoces Alveo's Model of City Gate viewed for the Manila Bay side. It shows buildings clustered along Ayala Avenue. The new Kroma Tower is at the intersection of Dela Rosa and Legazpi Street, connected to the coming Citygate platform BUILDINGS are rather Tall in the Citygate Area (with Makati height rank as of end 2016 - see post #18) # Building------------------------ Height: Floors Year ?? The Rise 210 m : 59 F : 2019/20? ?? Air Residences 195 m : 51 F : 2019/20? 13 One Central 195 m : 50 F : 2013 14 RCBC Plaza Yuch. Twr 192 m : 46 F : 2001 ?? Alveo Fin'l Twr/ Jaka 186 m : 49 F : 2020/21? ?? Lerato Tower 3 (tallest) 183 m : 48 F : 2018 ?? Alphaland Tower 180 m : 35 F : 2013 ?? Kroma Tower 157 m : 52 F : 2018 Kroma and Citygate at October 2016 ... image : Kroma2c : MakatiMap Kroma Tower had reached the 42nd floor by October 2016 ... image What is planned at Citygate: ... image : 1f : Kroma-CityGate =================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - > The Rise & Air will be next to City Gate < Ayalaland's Citygate development : subway-2C-65pct Kroma Tower - Alveo Land www.alveoland.com.ph/condominium/makati-city/kroma-tower Kroma Tower is Alveo Land's hottest mixed-use high-rise development in the Makati Central Business District (MCBD). Located along the energetic Dela Rosa ... SSC threads :: Citygate : Kroma : Ayat Corner : AFT : TheRise : AirRes : Makati : MetroManila : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1471414 Rise thread on Mak-Prime : Rise : TheRise, other: selling a contract : SSC-kroma : >> Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/citygatePH / KT Owners thread : (for GEI members only)
  2. TANDEM BUYING This can work well when one party has cash, and the second one lacks it at the inception, but can raise the funds needed to buy later, such as after a year or two. This helps the second buyer who does not want to miss out on bargains in a depressed market. Together, they gain control over a property the TOB/ Tenant-Option-Buyer will live in until they finally decide whether they want to buy it or not. Controlling a property in this way may give them the time they need to build savings and find a bank which will provide an attractive mortgage loan. This could work especially well in a market like that of 2022, where there are distressed sellers who might give a 10-20% discount to a Full Cash buyer. That cash discount gives a higher return to the initial cash buyer - enough to pass on great flexibility to the second who should still get a below market price. I have found several sellers like that recently. I bought one unit and referred another to a friend. I have not yet tried to approach these bargains as tandem buys. That arrangement may be allowed in the future. ( Here's a Q & A about the idea ) : Let me try to explain it in a few words: Tandem buyers agree jointly what property to buy, and the final cash price to be paid. As well as the strike price on a resale, which becomes the option price to the second buyer. If the original price is low enough, the rent may be around market levels, and the option price below market. A big bargain can leave both parties in a favorable position. Buyer #1: OCB / Original Cash Buyer pays the cash to secure the property, at the discounted "Cash Buyer's" price Buyer #2: TOB / Tenant Option Buyer rents it, paying 12 months rent upfront. (Rental might be a little over market, unless they can secure a very good price.) At 12 months, TOB has an option to buy the property at a premium to original price, probably 10-15% higher than the original discounted cash price. Works best, if this original price was a big bargain and the Option price is still well below the Fair Market Value. This arrangement carries certain advantages for both tandem buyers. The main ones being these : Buyer#1 has a happy tenant from day1, and the 2nd Buyer can help to find the property he/she wants at the right price. This is a CALL Option for TOB, so he/she is not committed to buy it. They will be living in it, and furnishing it, before agreeing to Buy. The decision to buy (or not) comes after a year. When they have settled in, and may have better access to cash or bank finance. If the parties agree, there might also be a second option to buy after the second year, if the two parties have agreed to extend. Albeit, the year two option price might be higher. ( Does this arrangement sound like it might work for you? - address to a possible TOB, Tenant/ Option Buyer.) Q: #2, TOB will pay 12 months rent in advance like downpayment? A: Yes, you can think of it that way. But no more rent to pay after that, for first 12 months. That upfront payment might be very approx. 10% of the property's price. Going shopping as tandem buyers with Cash to pay, allows the two to get an excellent bargain in a depressed market like the current one. Q: Original Cash Buyer will have the rental property in his/her name? A: Actually , The OCB / buyer#1 will hold the physical Title with Seller's name on it, and the right to transfer in the title into his/her name once it is known if the option is not going to be exercised. If exercised, the title transfer will go to the TOB. It is anticipated that the CGT/DST will be paid then. Q: It's also like a rent-to-own agreement with TOB? A: Basically, Yes. But it is an OPTION to Buy, not a contract to buy, though the wording and documentation must fit Philippines legal requirements. So we may need to discuss with lawyers how the documentation is worded. BTW, OCB may want to make maybe a 20%+ return on exercise, but maybe half of that will be the upfront Rent payment Q: Ahh, so TOB needs to pay in full the amount with 10-15% higher than original price after 1 year? A: Yes, pricing is negotiable of course, but I would expect something like this, 10-15% higher. Remember the two parties go out together seeking an outstanding bargain price, on a property both of them are willing to own, and the TOB wants to live in, and maybe own.... Q: So Both need to agree on which property to buy? A: Probably TOB will be the main one choosing the Property, but it must also be acceptable to OCS, since he/she may stick with it, if/when the option goes unexercised xxx Yes, this makes sense if an outstanding bargain can be found now in the current market. We designed it around PDR, which MT and I recently bought at 2.9M, which is below the approx. 3.8M zonal valuation. A second buyer who jumps in on a deal like that would still have a bargain. Yes, of course. Because OCS may be left with the property, if the Option is not exercised. They have a mutual interest in getting the lowest possible price ...
  3. PHL POVERTY TRAP: A solution? Millions of Filipinos are trapped as renters paying out all their salaries in food, rent and help to relatives. After a decade or two of working hard at 6 day weeks, they may have nothing but debts to show for it. The big drop in Bitcoin and other cryptos recently may have demonstrated that it is very hard to escape poverty by speculating on things like small shares and crypto currencies. Often, by the time you hear about how "hot" they are, the easy money has already been made already. And before you can exit, you might get hit by a vicious selloff. I feel nothing but compassion for those caught in the poverty trap, and have been pondering if there might be a way out. And I have an idea borrowed from a Canadian billionaire I once met. Someone who started with nothing, and came to own an entire city block in the city of Toronto The idea is a little complicated. I will take a stab at explaining it here. Basically requires 2-5 people to cooperate in renting, and paying a little over the market, to allow one member of the group to become an owner-occupier. The tenants sign a special lease that may allow them to build flexibility, and maybe some future equity if they continue to rent the space. A Canadian billionaire I met built this condo in Toronto. He started with nothing but some friends who wanted to share the rental of a property I started thinking about this when my partner was telling me about a work mate, who had worked almost 20 years in the same company, and had no savings and no assets to show for it. She expected to be handed some money when she left the company, but that would only be enough to payoff her debts and walk away with a modest lump sum. Property ownership seems like an impossible dream. Is there any alternative to the Philippines DEBT TRAP?
  4. Megaworld and AGI (parent) thread Earnings are out for 2016 : MEG profits up 11%, parent AGI up 5% These are reasonable results, but represent a slowdown in Growth AGI -vs-MEG & PSEI ... 10yr: 5yr: 3yr: 6mo: fr. 4/1/19: 10d / Last: P10.80 -0.08, MEG: 4.40 10yr: fr.Oct.2009 : 5yr: 3yr: AGI Announced yesterday, MEG a few days earlier. ... 5-yrs : 2-yrs : 6-mos : 10-d : MEG stock is up to P 3.74, 10% above the recent low near P 3.40 last week AGI is trading at P 13.68, up 2% on the day, and +9.4% above last week's low near P12.50. The market seems to like these results PH:AGI / Alliance Global Group Inc. ... 5-yrs : 2-yrs : 6-mos : 10-d : vs-SPY / THE GAP of AGI to the PSEI has become very big. Time to Buy AGI as a proxy for the PSEI? PSEI vs- AGI, MEG ... 10-yr: 5-yr / 2-yr fr.10/1/2017 : 6mo /10d - Last TIMING—: -PSEI : -AGI : MEG : Shng/ Agi/P: Meg/P: Meg/A: Shng/ YrE-2013 : 5,890 : 25.80 : 3.24 : 3.27 / 43.8%: 5.50%: 12.6% / 5.55% YrE-2014 : 7,231 : 22.55 : 4.88 : 3.30 / 31.2%: 6.75%: 21.6% / 4.56% YrE-2015 : 6,952 : 16.10 : 4.25 : 3.13 / 23.2% : 6.11%: 26.4% / 4.50% YrE-2016 : 6,841 : 12.78 : 3.57 : 3.27 / 18.7% : 5.22%: 27.9% / 4.78% YrE-2017 : 8,558 : 16.00 : 5.16 : 3.13 / 18.7% : 6.03%: 32.3% / 3.66% YrE-2018 : 7,466 : 11.90 : 4.75 : 3.12 / 15.9% : 6.36%: 39.9% / 4.18% 01-29-18 : 9,059 : 15.50 : 5.06 : 3.24 / 17.6% : 5.59%: 32.6% / 3.57% 11-13-18 : 6,844 : 10.50 : 4.50 : 3.12 / 15.3% : 6.58%: 42.9% / 4.56% 09-15-19 : 7,997 : 12.76 : 5.18 : 3.36 / 16.0% : 6.48%: 40.6% / 4.20% 10/3 mid.: 7,522: 10.58 : 4.40 : 3.29/ 14.1% 5.85% : 41.6% / 4.37% =======
  5. US DOLLAR could be peaking here at/near 105-110. DXY: All: 10yrW: 5yrD: 2yr: 1yr: 10d / Last: 102.93, YrH: 105.01 USO etc - from 2009: mid-2015: Oct.2018: 2yr: 1yr: 10d :: USO: 80.58 / GLD: 171.91 = r-46.9% USO etc - from mid-2015: 2yr: 1yr :: USO: 80.58 / GLD: 171.91 = r-46.9% USO etc - from 2009: 2yr: 1yr: 10d :: USO: 80.58 / GLD: 171.91 = r-46.9% Ratio: USO: 80.58 / GLD: 171.91 = r-46.9% 5yr fixed: 3yr Below :: WTI Crude to Gold : $00. / $00: Ratio: 5.97% ===
  6. Nenner Predicts - And often gets it right ! Charles Nenner has some d@mn good cycles ======================================= (My broker suggested I take a look at this guy) Back on 2/27/2009 he predicted a Major Low "within a few days": http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1020388644 Prior to that, he had said "Get Out! ... and stay out in 2008": Charles Nenner Predicts 2008 Will Be a Bad Year for Stock Market ... 6 Dec 2007 ... Charles Nenner appeared on CNBC early Thursday morning, and announced his predictions for the coming year. While he predicts a stock market ... http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/4055 About Charles Nenner Charles has been the talk of Wall Street since accurately predicting some of the biggest moves in the Markets over the past few years. His newsletter focuses on various financial Markets - Equities, Bonds, Commodities - Oil and Gold - and Currencies - Euro, Yen, Aussie Dollar, as well as Economic Indicators - VIX, Payrolls, etc. Charles Nenner's system uses a unique algorithm that factors in multiple cycle movements. With international and institutional clients managing hundreds of billions of dollars, Charles' advice is highly sought after. He also provides media appearances and private speaking engagements around the globe. = = = = = LINKS His Website : http://www.charlesnenner.com/
  7. NENNER's CYCLES of WAR and GOLD + Up to 1/3 of our population may die in the next war ! + Gold cycle is up until 2027. Resistance is $2500, and then as high as $40K! + "Gold's short term cycle turned up this week" (yesterday, from when he said it) Gold's L.T. Cup & Handle : Explanations: Handle should end in top 1/3 or upper 1/2 Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog.com Published May 17, 2022 114,157 Views > https://rumble.com/v153vff-third-of-global-population-killed-in-next-war-cycle-charles-nenner.html
  8. A PRECIOUS Decade? - Long View of the Challenging 2020's Coming: A DECADE of Rising Commodities, and weak Stocks? Silver & Gold have been one of the best investments of 2020 & deserve a strong focus. David Hunter has a well articulated view of the Next Decade ... & Beyond > HUNTER's Twitter > https://twitter.com/davehcontrarian?lang=en UDN vs-SLV, GLD, SPY ... from Nov.2018: 11/2019: YTD: 10d / SLV: $22.94 , GLD: $178.64, SPY: 345.78 From 2020’s March Low, to the year's Aug High. Silver was >3X Gold’s rise ! /GLD: SLV: +etc: 10d: UK 5d: AGQe: SLV Mar.L: $10.86 > Aug.H : $27.39 : Silver = +152% GLD L: $136.12, $1,451 > H: $194.45, 2,089 = +44.0% SPY L: $216.42, $2,192 > H: $357.32, 3,588 = +63.7% Per David Hunter: "Secular Top in stocks this year" (maybe SPX-4,000).. and... A melt-up Peal before year-end, and a Big Bust next year - with Eventually a 80% drop in Stocks. This chart will be one to watch, possibly for years: Focus on "precious" metals, Silver & Gold UDN vs-SLV, GLD, SPY ... from Nov.2018: 11/2019: YTD: 10d / Silver: 24.67, SLV: 22.94 = r107.5% / Gold: $1.905, GLD: 178.64 = r10.66 UDN: 21.17. with DXY@92.75, Eur@$1.186 / SPX: 3,465, SPY: 345.78 = r10.02 STOCKS; DEFLATIONARY BUST in 2021, after a melt-up? So says Cyclical analyst David Hunter... David Hunter: 1970s Style Inflation Will Set Gold on Fire > The Dollar & the Fed are a big part of this story. USD has been weak in 2020, especially since the late March peak at 103 DXY - trade-weighted Dollar ... All: 5yr: 2yr: 2018: 2019: YTD: 10d / DXY: $92.75 > DH expects a Low at 85. UDN - US Dollar Bear Fund...All: 5yr: 2yr: 2018: 2019: YTD / UDN: 21.17
  9. BOND MARKET will Lead the STOCK MARKET, says David Hunter " the Bond market has done the tightening... and is setting the tone" David Hunter@DaveHcontrarian 11hr ago - May 19th We're at or near important inflection points in many markets.Rates have topped & bonds look ready to run.USD appears poised for a big reversal to the downside.Silver & gold & the miners are beginning big runs to the upside & the equity markets are bottoming & poised for a melt-up TLT / Long Term Treasury Bonds ... YTD: 3mo: 2mo / Last: 117.18 +0.28, +0.24% yrL: 112.62 DXY / Trade-weighted US Dollar ... YTD: 3mo: 2mo / Last: 389.46 - 2.40, - 0.61% yrL: 385.15 IWM / Russell 2000 small Caps... YTD: 3mo: 2mo / Last: 389.46 - 2.40, - 0.61% yrL: 385.15 David Hunter@DaveHcontrarian For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is my latest interview that I did on May 10th with Tom Bodrovics on PalisadesGold Radio. It will provide you with my latest thinking on the markets & all things macro. Here's a better link: David Hunter: Bond Market is Going to Force the Fed to Pivot - May 12th
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    NENNER's CYCLES of WAR and GOLD + Up to 1/3 of our population may die in the next war ! + Gold cycle is up until 2027. Resistance is $2500, and then as high as $40K! + "Gold's short term cycle turned up this week" (yesterday, from when he said it) Gold's L.T. Cup & Handle : Explanations: Handle should end in top 1/3 or upper 1/2 Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog.com Published May 17, 2022 114,157 Views > https://rumble.com/v153vff-third-of-global-population-killed-in-next-war-cycle-charles-nenner.html
  11. NENNER's CYCLES of WAR and GOLD + Up to 1/3 of our population may die in the next war ! + Gold cycle is up until 2027. Resistance is $2500, and then as high as $40K! + "Gold's short term cycle turned up this week" (yesterday, from when he said it) Gold's L.T. Cup & Handle : Explanations: Handle should end in top 1/3 or upper 1/2 Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog.com Published May 17, 2022 114,157 Views > https://rumble.com/v153vff-third-of-global-population-killed-in-next-war-cycle-charles-nenner.html
  12. Daneric: Bonds are due Bonds are due for a bid, the wave count supports it. > https://danericselliottwaves.org/
  13. BONDS / Headline: T-Bonds A Great SHORT Trade for 2013 ... And 2016*? Go to Page 4 BONDS look like they may be set for a breakdown... to below key support at TLT-$120 =========================================== ( Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/GEI-Bonds ) ... All Data 2022 UPDATE Long Term Bond Charts - An important Low? TLT / 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF ... All: 10yr: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: YtD: 10d / $115.71 / yr.L: 112.62 +2.74% TLT All: 10yr: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: YtD: 10d / $115.71 LQD / Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF ... All: 10yr: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: YtD: 10d / $111.67 / yr.L: 110.19 +1.34% LQD / ... All: 10yr: 5yr: / $111.67 Updated 11/23/2015: *(2013 was a good year to be short - "... and 2016") was added 11/24/2015
  14. Mood On Wall Street Has Never Been More Apocalyptic; Tech Short Is Biggest Since 2006 by Tyler Durden Wednesday, May 18, 2022 - 06:35 AM One month after the April Fund Manager Survey was downright "apocalyptic" with the majority seeing a bear market and stagflation - yet nobody rushing to sell - and with optimism plunging to levels right before Lehman, today Bank of America published the latest, May FMS (available to pro subscribers in the usual place) in which the bank's doom-and-gloomy Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett (who most recently warned that the bear market will end when the S&P hits 3,000 in October) found that his view is shared by a growing number of even more apocalyptic Wall Street professionals, because the survey which polled 331 panelists managing $986 billion in AUM, revealed global growth expectations plunged even more compared to last month, and dropped to fresh all-time lows (net -72%) ... The next part came as a surprise to us, because it confirms that peak inflation is now consensus: that's because 68% expect inflation rates to drop coming quarters... ... with fewer and fewer (net 34%, down from 53% in April) expect bond yields to rise from here (but big difference with prior “big lows” Is 78% expect short rates to rise)... ... as investors still expect a total of 7.9 Fed hikes this cycle (up from 7.4 in April). Ther... > https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/mood-wall-street-has-never-been-more-apocalyptic-tech-short-biggest-2006
  15. HELLARY UNIVERSE CANCELLED : It's really over! Hillary Clinton took another loss as Hulu has passed on a show about her that had been in development at the network for nearly two years. “Rodham” is based on the novel of the same name, which tells the story of an alternate universe in which Hillary does not marry Bill Clinton, but instead serves as a Northwestern University professor before running for president in 2016. > https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hulu-cancels-hillary/
  16. Hillary's Vision... Of EARTH2, where She Won HILLARY NEEDS TO SHAKE HANDS With Reality (when she does, she may lose her head) Bitter Hillary fantasizes about ‘alternative reality’ where she’s president April 4, 2018 Hillary Clinton thinks she deserves credit for “accelerating” the #MeToo movement through her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Clinton visited the women-only club “The Wing” in New York City Tuesday to relive the election and offer excuses for her defeat, the latest stop in a years long tour to explain “What Happened” in 2016. Last November, Clinton sat down with the liberal online news outlet Now This to reflect on how life would be different on Earth 2, a planet that faces the exact same issues as Earth, only with Hillary as president, The American Mirror reports. Clinton told host Nico Pitney she would apply “full on diplomatic pressure” on North Korea to solve the crisis with Kim Jong-un, and would take action on guns by “putting as much money as it took into enforcing the laws we already have,” though she would also impose “universal background checks.” The show’s producer attempted to cut off the segment there, but Clinton insisted on continuing. “You want one more? I’ll be short – one more. Because I like being on Earth 2,” she said. Pitney asked about Russia, and Clinton said she’d appoint an “independent commission” to tackle the alleged Russian “hacking” of the 2016 election. “I worry about ’18. I worry about 2020 because this is the first time we’ve even been attacked and not imposed any real consequences on our adversary,” Clinton asserted, ignoring moves by Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration to impose new sanctions on Russia since the election. > http://www.theamericanmirror.com/bitter-hillary-fantasizes-about-alternative-reality-where-shes-president/ HRC has truly lost her grip on Reality. She should be aware that a majority of Americans would probably like to chase her down the street with their pitchforks, torches while their hounds are barking The Torch-Wielding Mob Hillary is barking mad already
  17. HELLARY UNIVERSE CANCELLED : Hillary Clinton took another loss as Hulu has passed on a show about her that had been in development at the network for nearly two years. “Rodham” is based on the novel of the same name, which tells the story of an alternate universe in which Hillary does not marry Bill Clinton, but instead serves as a Northwestern University professor before running for president in 2016. > https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hulu-cancels-hillary/
  18. Hillary H3LL : A taste of things to come? There are no genuine Hillary supporters... or not many ONLY HER CORE: Radical lesbians, Wall Street banksters, war-profiteers, and those wanting more "free stuff" from the government. My guess is - and I said this many months ago - she might win 20% or so of the Vote And even that core is under threat, as Trump makes speeches to appeal to Black voters. (He is going after those like Diamond and Silk, who want jobs, not handouts) As far as I am concerned, I would like to see those "Core" voters of hers go to a parallel universe, where they can enjoy Hillary H3ll, a planet where Hillary becomes President, and they can report back us in 4 years, about how it is going, while the rest of us participate in a Trump-led renaissance of America, (to win, she will mold herself into whatever she thinks you want) ... and Headlines from her Rule, if she wins Let's face it, Clinton's supporters DESERVE to live under a corrupted regime ruled by her. Too bad we cannot split into two countries, and let all her supporters discover the H3ll of living in a country with Hillary as President. A shame that they cannot go there on their own, and report back to Trump supporters about what they saw. Their future might be something like this... Here are the Headlines from Hillary Hell. Future Headlines: (2017 alone) =============== + Clinton inaugurated: A Historic period for Women begins + Clinton: War with Iran may be inevitable + Criticism of Jewish influence in Clinton's cabinet + Arrested: Alex Jones, Roger Stone, 10 other Trump supporters + Fisher to replace Yellen at the Fed + We will support our Allies, says Clinton about Israel, Saudi + US engages Iran, while telling Russia to stay out + Now it's Syria: Russian, US planes in dogfight + National austerity, Clinton says: Poor will be fed + "Dangerous" Websites shutdown, Reporters arrested + Is it WAR ? + Stock Market Crashes 13% in single day! + Hedge Fund score gains, despite Market Crash + Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton New UN appointments + Top Hedge Funds to manage growing Clinton Foundation Funds + Coal miners laid off, as more "Green" taxes are imposed + President Clinton leads new efforts to help Poor 2018 Headlines ============ Coming === === LINK : http://tinyurl.com/HillaryH3ll
  19. UPDATE after the "Carnage" of May GOLD ... 5yr : Last: $20.52 / GDX ($31.18) = 65.8% GDX. ... 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: Last: $31.18 / vs.UGL... 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: Last: $000 GDX.($31.18) / vs.UGL ($58.17)... 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: UGL ($58.17)... 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: Ratio: GOLD: $20.52 / GDX ($31.18) = 65.8%, yrL: 58%, yrH: 70% Ratio: GOLD: $20.52 / UGL ($58.17) = 35.3% Target to 40% Ratio: GDX: $31.18 / UGL ($58.17) = 53.6%
  20. Major gold miners: GDX, GOLD, NEM etc: 56% UGL (2x Gold) Barrick Gold looks relatively cheap, in July 2021 / Link: tiny-/gdxnem : live GOLD, Gdx: Jr: UGL: Apx: Cyc: stockcharts RATIO charts TPRFF (GCM.t)/ Gold vs UGL: 2yr: from Nov.2019: w/RGLD: YTD: 10d: $5.08/ $18.75= 27.1% /$57.90= 8.77% GDX vs SPY etc. update: GDX: $38.28 / SPY:$451 = ratio 8.5% GOLD ... 4yr: 2yr: YTD: 10d / Last $18.75 +0.13. Barrick Gold's 36 cent Div provides 1.92% Yield GOLD Barrick vs UGL .. update: fr.2020: $18.37 / $58.26, UGL: r-31.5% / $31.09, GDX: r-00%, Yield: 1.96%, PER: 16.5 Ratio: $18.37 / $58.26, UGL: r-31.5% Ratio: $18.37 / $31.09, GDX: r-59.1% == GOLD : All-log: 10yrL: 10yr: 5yr: / Gold: $21.13 -- NEM: All-log: 10yrL: 10yr: 5yr: / Gold: $63.98 RATIO: GOLD to NEM: 33% or 1/3 of NEM price : chart: Ratio: GDX to GLD: about 20% : chart Ratio: LIKE CLOCKWORK! Buy at 52%, Sell at 60%+ DATA: GOLD vs. UGL (2x$Gold) +GOLD, NEM: “B:52%, S:60%+” Date : GLD : UGL : %Ugl : Gold , %-Ugl : NEM, %-Ugl: G/nem 08.30: 32.17: 59.45: 54.1%: 19.81, 33.3%: 57.51: 96.7.%; 34.4% 07.30: 34.92: 59.92: 58.3%: 21.77, 36.3%: 62.82: 105.%; 34.7% 6/ ’21: 33.98: 57.22: 59.4%: 20.68, 36.1%: 63.38: 111.%: 32.6% Ye’20: 36.02: 68.20: 52.8%: 22.78, 33.4%: 59.89: 87.8%: 38.0% 6/’20: 36.68: 64.83: 56.6%: 26.94, 41.6%: 61.74: 95.2%: 43.6% Ye’19. 29.28: 49.05: 59.7%: 18.59, 37.8%: 43.45: 88.6%: 42.8% Ye’18: 21.09: 37.41: 56.4%: 13.54, 36.2%: 34.65: 92.6%: 39.1% Ye’17: 23.24: 40.67: 57.1%: 14.47, 35.6%: 37.52: 92.3%: 38.6% 4yrE : ===== 48.84: 295.% ====: 35.8%: ==== : 90.3%: 39.6% Websites: GOLD: NEM: GDX ... UGL is Key. Correlation is High ! But swings are bigger, with AGQ-Silver-2X UGL ($57.82) etc: fr. 1.2020: YTD: 10d: GDX: 31.50, 54.5%%, AGQ: 37.18, 64.3% AGQ-to UGL Ratio: AGQ: 37.18, /UGL ($57.82) = 64.3% Neither GOLD nor GDX has kept up with NEM/ Newmont Gold Barrick GOLD, etc ... update: w/RGLD, 10d/ $24.54 / GDX: $38.72 = 63.4%, NEM: $78.95, is r-2.04x GDX Ratio: GOLD to GDX: $24.54 / GDX: $38.72 = 63.4%, peak 68.9% ===
  21. 2000 Mules Just “Tip of the Voter Fraud Iceberg” – Michigan Investigators Reveal Mountain of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud With the release of 2,000 Mules, patriots around the country are seeing the truth about the obvious voter fraud that was caught on video at designated ballot boxes. The Mules are those who were dropping fraudulent ballots into drop boxes. We know about the ones that were recorded and who were sloppy enough to keep their phones with them as they committed systemic voter fraud. What is overlooked by many, though, is that there is much more voter fraud evidence from the 2020 election emerging The Gateway Pundit reported on a wide variety of eyewitnesses who observed fraud just in Michigan. Many of those observers mentioned a very suspicious 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump of votes in Detroit at the TCF Center where absentees were being counted.... > https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/2000-mules-just-tip-voter-fraud-iceberg-michigan-investigators-reveal-mountain-new-evidence-2020-election-fraud/
  22. 2000 Mules film Proves election fraud On GETTR : https://gettr.com/post/p18vywl7b45 TinyUrl Link : tinyurl.com/2000MulesNutshell WokePoints had 313 Followers
  23. By-the-Letters Tour of some PHL traded stocks Starting with "4x S-Stocks" ... charted Together... ALL: 10yr: 5yr: 1yr: 10d/ S-symbol-4cos : in 2020 : It started with SMC - San Miguel Corp I was asked by a friend: "Should I buy SMC, the blue chip now?" I said, I will look at the chart and some other data for you... That gave me the idea for this new thread
  24. The case is Well argued. There is strong evidence of massive crime. This crime screams for further deep investigation 2000 MULES Movie Review (with Legal Analysis) Can anyone who listens to these two all the way through think that stacey abrams should remain outside prison? Meantime. Leftist creators of star trek want to see her as head if united earth . Let us shut then both down
  25. BONGINO INTERVIEWS on 2000 MULES He saw the film at Marilago... "When you see has film footage on Mules doing this...Is there any possible reasons people would do this at 3 am?" SUNDAY SPECIAL with Dinesh D'Souza, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Kari Lake - The Dan Bongino Show https://rumble.com/v14lz7h-sunday-special-with-dinesh-dsouza-catherine-engelbrecht-and-kari-lake-the-d.html The Left looks at the Clear evidence, and tries to manufacture implausible and impossible reasons why the evidence could be misleading. They are unwilling to accept the Clear and now-obvious fact that the 2020 Election was stolen.