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  1. I want to live in a world with fewer vague, inaccurate, ineffective, unenforced/unenforceable, and universally ignored "agreements". So I would say you should not add such a thing. If you think you have to add such text to protect yourself for some reason, then I guess you have to do it. But I would hope you were doing it because you know you have to, rather than because you simply presume you have to.
  2. Brilliant post. 1) I really don't like lies/misinformation/deceit. 2) I stereotype most of these fringey things as lies/misinformation/deceit. 3) Even if it is all completely true, I don't see how understanding it makes my life any better. Dr Bubb: You won't change my mind on #1. I'm not going to discuss #2 unless I see some merit in doing so... #3 is the mystery. How do you expect your life to be improved by gaining knowledge of these "fringe" things? Not just improved, but improved by more than the time it takes you to to research/understand them? Perhaps you have more time than some, so have a lower value threshold. Or, perhaps you get a greater satisfaction from the act of research/understanding itself? Or, see genuine value that I and some others are missing.