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    10000 ounces are listening PP
  2. Good to hear. Have a lot of time for the architecture. Probably Hanoi overall favourite Asian city - a short jump from HK fdr a weekend.
  3. There is a photo on www.fcccambodia.com & a couple on Google images - what was available then was similiar / same era as the FCC building but needing a lot of work.... Guessing a lot of the old colonials have been taken down by developers in recent years if not protected.
  4. All the way back in the late nineties, those three storey French colonial houses next to the Press Club on the Mekong, were available for around USD70.000 a pop.....
  5. This is what makes risk profile interesting.. Personally find your trades & rationale interesting but to be frank would not know how to implement all - this reflects your trading profile & my lack of experience with options etc. Also, doubt whether the majority here have a clue of what you are doing per se, despite your setting them out here. Maybe we could use a new thread "Bubbs Trading Skills for Dummies".
  6. I respect the trading view & the hold view - both have merit. However, many have a core holding & a percentage which is trading funds. This will vary upon trading ability, strategy, time management etc. Why does there always appear to be a bunfight over this? LOL
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    LOL. True dat!
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    ...and the highest form of entertainment
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    The Exter Pyramid has been around for a while now - is it pre-71?....could it be that the strong USD cash component is now flawed because of the US situation with gold...?
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    Thru 1320 resistance......
  11. Good thread. Again, as a refresher... http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/images/1929-...rt-image005.png With the adjusted 80 year K wave we could be on the cusp of the mother of all crashes..
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    Nearly took some profit earlier, but events now moving faster than the analysts can analyse. Spiked back thru 1225 on naked short announcement & euro currently at 1.225..I feel we may break 1.20 in Asian trade and a third attempt on 1250 if my count is correct. Never a dull moment.
  13. These things happen Z - dont be too tough on yourself. Have a virtual beer on me
  14. 1.20 after perhaps an intervention bounce..