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  1. Here's an interview with Keith about the IPO: http://commoditywatch.podbean.com/e/keith-neumeyer-first-mining-finance/ http://www.podbean.com/site/UserDownload/index/bid/2516/url/http%253A%252F%252Fcommoditywatch.podbean.com%252Fmf%252Fweb%252Ff4ucxq%252FKeithNeumeyerFirstMiningFinance.mp3
  2. First Mining Finance Corp / FF.t There's a new IPO coming to Canada in the totally bombed out sector that is junior mining. UPDATED CHARTS TLG vs. FF, OIII, ATC etc ... from 2.19.20: w/ATC 1yr: 6mo: 10d / LAST $0.98 / FF-0.405= R2.42X FF.t / First Mining Finance ... weekly : 2-yrs : 6-mos / 10-d Ratio: FF.t -to GDXJ ===== The man behind the deal is Keith Neumeyer. For those of you that don't know Keith, he built First Majestic Silver (TSX:FR) and took it from penny stock status to $25 a share (in the heady days of 2010-11) with a 3 billion plus dollar market cap. It is now one of North America's leading silver producers and even in today's beaten up silver market it remains profitable with a market cap of around C$900m and a share price of $7.50. Keith was previously behind First Quantum Minerals (TSX:FM), which followed a similarly enormous trajectory to become one of the world's biggest copper producers. His record in mining is pretty much second to none. Also involved are many of the other key personnel from First Majestic, such as Ramon Davila and Raul Diaz. The strategy of the company is, simply, to tap into their huge knowledge base and use it to acquire as many quality mining assets as possible (Americas only) while they are going for a song (we're currently seeing the lowest valuations in 20 years), spend as little as possible on them (watch them 'incubate' I believe is the word) and wait for the time that the mining capital markets stabilise at which point they hope to have a pucker portfolio of assets on their hands. Revenue will eventually come from re-sales, JVs, royalties and streaming structures. They already have 18 properties at various stages of development (gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc) and have raised C$2.7m. The company will IPO in Canada via an RTO next month and plans to raise another C$5-10m (at 50c) in the process. A C$10m raise would mean 80m shares outstanding an an approximate market cap of C$40m. Management will own about 10% and First Majestic shareholders 25-30%. The success of First Mining Finance depends on the metals markets, of course, but the ideal situation would be for them to remain depressed for another while so that assets can be picked up for zilch and for things to then pick up, as surely they one day will. I don't know what the market reaction to the stock will be, of course, but I suggest this is one to hold for three to five years. Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more or in taking part in the IPO, please let me know and I'll send over forms. If you want to speak to Keith, I'll try and arrange that too. frizzers at gmail dot com. (I'm investing fwiw) Here's the Powerpoint. ===== LINKS FF Website :: https://www.firstminingfinance.com/ Presentation, Nov.2017 :: https://www.firstminingfinance.com/_resources/Nov_2_Presentation.pdf
  3. An interesting table identifies targets for major bear market lows. We never got there ... From the Atlas Pulse newsletter (very good NL by the way).
  4. Gold price manipulation? http://commoditywatch.podbean.com/2014/02/05/dimitri-speck-gold-price-manipulation-and-the-gold-cartel/ Dimitri Speck Gold Price Manipulation And The Gold Cartel http://media67.podbean.com/pb/36c4fd934146e79114e9f006e278a90a/52f23fd2/data1/blogs1/2516/uploads/speck.mp3 In today's programme I talk to Dimitri Speck about gold price manipulation and his new book The Gold Cartel: Government Intervention In Gold, the Mega-Bubble in Paper, and What This Means For Your Future. Dimitri Speck is a commodity analyst and chief developer of trading strategies for asset manager Staedel Hanseatic, where he is responsible for the Stay-C commodity fund. Visit Dimitri's website, Seasonal Charts.
  5. Buy signal on juniors is still intact. Just.
  6. Just my 2p, but you can't move in east or south London for cranes and new builds. There are new train lines and stations, all v. fast and v. expensive, all over, though the roads are awful and it is always gridlocked. Yet there is no beauty anywhere. There is not one building that in my view is attractive. All concrete and glass monstrosity. Unlike other parts of London - which were built by people for people. Wapping is nice. But elsewhere, ugh. One thing London ain't got - soul
  7. our friend the 144 dma is now resistance
  8. Fantastic place full of fantastic people. And the surrounding hills are stunning. Marc Faber lives there Paul Ensor has been many times too.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Labour bring in a mansion tax for properties over 2 million pounds. This is n't a bracket that vote Labour and attacking the rich wins you votes.
  10. I've been following the exact same thing : http://stockcharts.c...929&a=291639175 and here http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$GOLD:$XBP&p=D&yr=10&mn=6&dy=0&id=p18343206822&a=296069132
  11. UK house prices in gold by region http://www.sharelynx.com/chartstemp/UKHousePrices01.php
  12. I agree - another few weeks in this range and the MAs will all be aligned.
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