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  1. Asx:SO4 https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/961947/salt-lake-potash-reports-ample-cash-reserves-as-lake-way-progress-continues-961947.html also LSE SO4
  2. Have you seen the shenanigans going on at dual listed Salt Lake Potash. Some shocking stock promoters out there were pumping them even on their knees.
  3. Roxg was a nice jump but I don’t think the market gets this deal? I’m no position now anyway, ROXG has been good to me but always thought it would be taken out higher.
  4. That’s every reason for me to stay away from Crypto. Although I have had some good trades on Crypto miners, right now, I don’t fear missing out, there are plenty of other things to profit from Thanks for the offer Dr B, I’m not on Viber
  5. Liked Liked this and sent it to my children. As for Narrative investors, you mean lots of “traders/investors” that blindly follow ADVFN boards like lemmings; certainly feels like I’ve see plenty around there.
  6. Hmm “deeply pained” eh. Don’t you think the smart money cashed out short term on that spike again. Lost faith in Rob, his halo slipped for me. Says all the right things at times but has woefully under delivered over a longer period as the charts show of late,. Suppose he’s like a fallen star saying trust me again, I’ll get it right this time. Maybe, maybe not. Hard for me to believe right now.
  7. jerpy

    New GEI Coin Logo

    I’ve learned to be tolerant of many views, so whatever you go with Dr B is cool. Take from it what I can and try and give a little back sometimes.
  8. Not been around much but a funny, yet true trading tale happened here. SVL.ASX benefited with a spike based on the WSB Reddit noise around Silver. Bizarrely it attracted a wave of hype buying in Aus, which saw a surge in a mere couple of sessions produced above a 50% surge on a none story really. Anyway, allowed me to cash in a position, bank a 50% gain and gain the full position a couple of weeks down the line once the hype died. Quite bizarre but very welcome.
  9. AAZ has been a long and frustrating wait despite the dividend payments cushioning the blow. Finally after everything Covid and the dispute with Armenia, it seems the story around the soon to be reclaimed territories is being grasped after the RNS’s last week. The market is cottoning on to the potential of those properties and probably doesn’t even understand how much is still sat around Gedabek, yet alone Ordubad. Feels like this year, could be our time. Next year could be sensational.
  10. Was a good call. ===== NEW Ratio chart: C$5.14/ 46.40= 10.10%, May 10th, 2021 RATIOS - added by DrBubb, and the CHART too. Date—-- : - GCM : -Gdxj = Ratio : ARIS: GLDX: EXN: DNG : 05.10.21: C$5.14/50.87= 10.10%, 2.36 : 3.55 : 3.20 : 2.59 : 04.30.21: C$5.14/ 47.45= 10.83%, 2.35 : 3.51 : 3.30 : 2.43 : 03.31.21: C$5.39/ 45.05= 11.96%, 2.25 : 3.71 : 3.59 : 2.06 : 03.09.21: C$6.11/46.40= 13.17%, 2.38 : 2.89 : 3.91 : 1.93 : 02.26.21: C$5.65/ 45.76= 12.35%, 2.34 : 2.74 : 4.01 : 2.02 : 01.31.21: C$6.27/ 50.08= 12.52%, -N/A : 2.94 : 3.89 : 1.88 : 12.31.20: C$8.06/ 54.24= 14.86% 2.43 : 3.39 : 3.78 : 1.79 : 11.30.20: C$6.04/ 50.03= 12.07%, 2.35 : 3.00 : 3.34 : 1.80 : 10.30.20: C$5.94/ 53.21= 11.16%, 1.97 : 3.50 : 3.00 : 1.75 : OLD Ratio chart: C$6.11/ 46.40= 13.17%, Mar.9th, 2021 (( see below, scroll down ))
  11. Very well put Colonelmustard, sick of the BBC and other MSN outlets promoting their fear agendas. Along with all their other Pro left wing, anti white Anglo Saxon b.s. It’s a chore to turn the t.v on as so little represents me and is only designed to oppress and drive minority politics. Thankfully Farage carried the fight and plenty believed him. Rant over, happy new year Dr B and all.
  12. Great interview Dr B, can buy into his thoughts.
  13. Some good calls here. Soon be 2021 pick time...Covid pharma stocks seem too obvious.
  14. Hi Dr B, Not looked at Goro much lately how do you see this playing out, or rather what strategy is best around the spin off?