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  1. notanewmember

    Commander T's Diary

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/15604971.First_house_in_the_UK_to_be_sold_in_Bitcoin_as_developers_admit__massive_risk_/?ref=mr&lp=15#comments-anchor First house in the UK to be sold in BitcoinEd Casson, group sales director, said: “Selling homes for Bitcoin will become common in the next five years. --- Up the ante
  2. notanewmember

    Commander T's Diary

    I have come back with a warning, and a suggestion to prepare for the future. One must start to build up some cash because the rise in the stock market and bitcoin is heralding the end. I thought when Trump got in, the relentless rise of the stock market was because he was going to make "America Great Again". Maybe he is, maybe he isn't but the stock market rise is telling us to make money hay whilst the sun shines, because there lies something in the future. A danger is building in fabric of the financial markets as we go higher and higher. We have already 2 pieces of the Jigsaw puzzle. One - a historic fact that people lost everything and became in debt in the 1929 crash. Two - reports that people are betting everything on bitcoin. LINK http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4971242/Father-sells-family-owns-Bitcoin.html We have had the Paul Warburg moment from Jamie Dimon All we need is someone to write "Everyone Ought to Be Rich" or a shoe shiner boy moment. I saw on TV an advert for a nearly new Mercedes the other day - a young lad maybe in his 20s getting the keys for it - does this sound crazy to you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDBqBWwFDok Remember there are bull and bear markets. What happens when Bitcoin goes down? This will be the first crack of the dam. People are going to sell liquid items to meet margin calls. Yes you can bet with leverage on Bitcoin in the UK via spreadbetting. This means the selling WILL spread to the stock market and people will sell stocks to raise cash. This means another liquidity crisis as people scramble to get out. I don't know when this time will come, this could be 5 years out. Bitcoin could reach $50,000 and the NASDAQ 20,000 pts, But quantitative easing will not save us this time, and a real depression will occur as people will lose everything and then some. Bitcoins are not regulated by the government on regulated exchanges, nor can they be printed up by the FED to replace the "lost" ones. They are not backed by force like fiat money. There is none of the support infrastructure that fiat has, even with fiat's flaws. Gold's had 1000s of years of history, Fiat 100 years, Bitcoin, a decade. Trump will not save us - he sees the rises as only a positive. What are the FED or Bank Of England doing about it? Enjoy the ride up, but be sure to be ready for the ride down! Bitcoin Chart. The magnitude of the W bottom, gave us a symmetrical target of $6000. This may prove to be a temporary ceiling. To the uber bulls, I have a pertinent question. How liquid is Bitcoin? If I wanted to sell $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoins now, how long would it take? Could I do it instantly? How many buyers are there right now?
  3. Hmm if gold clears $1400, then that's a 2 year new high. North Korea's H-bomb detonation today could be the catalyst. This could be the end of the stock bull run, and a resumption of the dow/gold run to 1-1 ratio.
  4. The low oil price and rising gold (breaking above the $1300 area now), makes gold stocks on the radar again. $1400 gold would be a 3 year new high, and that would be quite bullish. The North Korean missile launch over Japan appears to be the catalyst on this move. I can't see how North Korea are going to back down, and this situation will reach a crescendo at some point.
  5. Boom - but Ethereum still needs to clear $400
  6. Hmm. This is affecting everyone globally. I always figured how "free" stuff works. There's no such thing as a free lunch. No free image hosting exists (on a long enough time frame).
  7. Now back down from $300. A text book rest.
  8. This is surprising. An Impressive rally. I've never seen anything like it in over 10 years of the markets. Bitcoin looks like it wants to leap from $2500. And ETH may clear $300. I won't be back in until it makes a new high though.
  9. I was out +50%. But It sounds like a blood bath out there. People are getting their head handed to them - and it will all be posted live on the internet for all to see.
  10. Old (7th June) but I found this useful
  11. A nice little earner there - I don't think the bull market is over, but I now await for the next signal. And I will be active on this thread again no doubt!
  12. ETH $271, BTC $2460 I'm out. Also saw this - so there is real selling.
  13. ETH come out of the malaise and making new high at $215. BTC still under the congestion at $2281. My bet that it could be a false breakout by ETH. But hard to say.
  14. BTC $2112 ETH $143 The fall has been faster. The bull climbs the stairs, the bear jumps out of the window! Have locked in the profits now, and will wait for the next signal. --- What do you think about the ongoing block size restriction and a possible UASF event on August 1st? I think the top is in after the Barry Silbert Agreement. I personally don't look too deep into the structural limitations - I look to the price and volume action.