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    Silver will turn with the dollar, the chart below from Daneric's blog , look very similar to CC's Gold/Silver chart except it has already hit the trandline. I'd like to see a test of the dollar if we had a low this week. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TwUS3GyHKsQ/TLdt...1600/dolalr.png As for price levels wouldnt 26ish be the 50% retracement from the high in 1980?
  2. I tend to keep an eye on Tim woods cycles. Basically his annual cycle bottomed in Feb (it was earlier then he expected), his new annual cycle is clearly not a failure but his line in the sand is that ideally this annual cycle will top out before august so that we end up with a left translated annual cycle which would also give a 4 year cycle top (if counting from march09). He is actually looking for a recovery high after ths leg down is done based on indicators like New High data that was very strong up until now, however the counter case is that it looks like we might have a monthly swing high in the making which is good evidence of an annual top.
  3. Hadnt looked at the bank index in a while , its at an interesting juncture with price bumbing up against a downward trend line. Also note the RSI
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    this is not bad as a cover From:
  5. Are we seeing an ending move here? the dollar tanker seems to be turning?
  6. anyone any insights into this post on PHK by denninger? http://market-ticker.denninger.net/archive...ells-Smoke.html
  7. I guess there could be head fakes in either direction, It took 9 months to get up here so I guess it will be a case of watching out for the retests to see what happens
  8. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$NYA...mp;g=0&id=0 The NYA which according to Tom O'Brien is 60% of the global market cap still hasnt broken out
  9. thankfully all my laggard juniors popped this week and I sold them all nicely in the green. over the next couple of months should tell us if the Hoye v Prechter view will be right. It would seem reasonable that we will get a test of the 1000ish area again No?
  10. very ugly , looks like a mig multi storey car park. Can it be seen from space
  11. I listened to it, it was Thursday so he didnt have sentiment updates for the week. One can only guess that sentiment is way up. Side point, the gold:silver ratio didnt confirm the new high from June. Also there is a Megaphone pattern forming on the Dow
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    is the gold/silver ratio breaking out today, it looked like it on GLD/SLV
  13. I remember CNBC a few days back showed a 100bn Zimbabwe dollar note to the screen. If you enjoy fading news headlines then inflation is the "dumb money" view As an aside I was trying to find the Bull on the cover of money magazine (Tom O'Brien mentioned it) but cant find it.
  14. thanks , it might take a while to resolve this one, if we say got a bounce later in the summer out of say a low 800's S&P it might take Sep/Oct to resolve it one way or the other?