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  1. Hey drbubb Been a while, hope all is well? I'm dealing with cancer on my end...sux but it is what it is. I see you've been keeping up and staying active. Wish you were active elsewhere but only because I enjoyed the interaction we all used to have on this particular thread. I miss you and the others. Gonna spend a couple days perusing and listening to your links here...may even holler out my own view but I doubt it, I usually agreed with pretty much all you said LOL Take care and catch you when I catch you
  2. click POSTS to read everything he's written. Many are doing videos of his writings but I like going straight to the source Steele is no longer in the loop because he's made it about him but he's right about Jerusalem...Q stated Israel will be last and they won't know what hit them https://www.reddit.com/user/serialbrain2/posts/
  3. FREAKING BRILLIANT!! Reading the current Q drops 'after' exposing Corsi and Jones with their slight change in the way they wrote after messing up with trip code "We all make mistakes, busy day" I can see Q arranged this from the very beginning. Give them enough rope to hang themselves first (recorded) "Be careful who you follow, some are profiting off this movement." Knowing the guilty will rat themselves out (Q never mentioned names) Not only did Q wake us to Jones/Corsi, we also know those who were in it all along for the money and those who took the money afterwards. Brilliant!!
  4. This is really telling and the AJ die hards are upset and now calling Q a larp because they refuse to believe their idol could have ulterior motives . You're already caught up so start around the 14 minute mark It all started the day Q said be careful who you follow and those trying to profit off the movement. Q never mentioned any names but Jones and Corsi ratted themselves out right after LOL Q has repeatedly said no communications outside of the board yet Jones says he's talked to Q on the phone LOL Q said this first early Jan., and finally waited for Jones to slip and when Q mentioned profiting and be careful who you follow Jones immediately started saying Q had been compromised and now we had a fake Q ...too funny
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-calls-for-congressional-term-limits/ar-AAwyS9r
  6. Listen to Praying Medic to fill you in...who on the oversight committee would sign their own death warrant by suggesting prosecuting when Holder or Lynch would give the thumbs down anyway. This is all going to be in the stall mode until after Nov. 6 and congress is replaced. I found a link the other day looking for something else. Explained what Q was talking about concerning 'plumbers' but showed me Mueller and Comey tried to buck the machine and learned real quick how to stay alive http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-13/trump-nixon-five-times-the-fbi-went-up-against-the-president/9539192
  7. From what I've learned Sessions is slow walking so the indictments will be military tribunal with facts only rather than civil courts where the judges are already bought and owned. Several that we think are corrupt had no choice or face the Clinton killing machine. Many are cooperating so will get lesser sentences. To stop civil unrest, best if after elections Don't fall for the MSM hype
  8. If you've been keeping up with Q and Corsi having a temper tantrum when Q outed all those profiting off the Q movement, then you missed it. After all this time upholding Q, as soon as that drop came out Corsi has been nuts the past week calling Q a larp, dissing on POTUS etc. Q came back yesterday and repeated about 'careful' who you follow and about those profiting. The link shared today says it all https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8ia0vu/the_long_and_secret_info_wars_against_q_and_how/
  9. Ask yourself why (???) would Obama give HEU to Russia (Uranium One deal ceding 20% of our uranium ore) and covertly ask Argentina to give URANIUM to IRAN! https://www.forbes.com/sites/dougschoen/2015/10/06/argentinian-president-makes-big-accusation-at-the-united-nations/#1f8a76818950
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