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  1. Here's an interesting article from last week... Analysts at Goldman don't think we are even close to being 'done with the banking sector write offs'. " http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080325/bs_nm/...edit_goldman_dc " They estimate that losses will reach 1.2 trillion. "U.S. leveraged institutions have written off less than half of the losses associated with the bursting of the credit bubble," they said. "There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still rather dim." My impression is that fund managers will not entirely switch their investments to equities quite yet. I don't believe that the overall market perception is that we are in the clear yet, meaning that lots of funds must believe gold is a bargain now. I see a short term run up to the mid 900's range so accordingly, I'll be taking a long position on HMY this week (whose graph is very attractive right now).
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    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned yet... If not, Take a look at PAAS (US nasdaq) From my analysis (Fibo with longer term ABC structure), 102030, MACD, DMA), it looks as if there is still steam left in this stock. To brag a little, I got in this a while ago at 34, so I have my stops set in case retracement is huge, but im still bullish, especially due to the facts that 1) dollar is losing momentum 2) precious metals are an inflation hedge sorry to diverge from the thread title, however, gold stock UXG is set to make a move. in fact im so confident in uxg, that i have made it my largest position. even tom o'brien agrees
  3. I couldn't find any other threads on this topic, so this may be of interest to many of you that aren't already familiar with Methane Farming... Basically, there are certain micro organisms, known as methanogens, which create methane as a product of metabolizing organic materials (including hydrocarbons). Scientists at Luca Technologies want to create methanogen farms at retired energy sites, and use the methane as a new form of long lasting, clean energy. I think it's pretty cool that we are able to use bacteria that has been around for billions of years in these types of mutually beneficial relationships... Here's the article __________________________________ http://pesn.com/2005/04/29/6900090_Real-Ti...ane_Generation/ Real-Time Methane Generation in Retired Oil Fields Geobioreactors may provide opportunity to convert finite oil resource to long-term generation of natural gas. Luca Technologies scientists have shown that living microbial consortia are present and actively forming methane within some hydrocarbon substrates. Possibility for transferring cultures to other substrates. Luca TechnologiesDENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luca Technologies LLC today announced that its researchers have confirmed the presence of a resident, methane-generating community of microorganisms ("microbial consortium") in substrate samples taken from the 110,000 acre Monument Butte oil field located in North Eastern Utah. This site represents the latest in a series of active "Geobioreactors" that Luca Technologies has identified since its first demonstration of this phenomenon in the Powder River Basin coalfields of Wyoming. Geobioreactors are sites where microbial conversion of underground hydrocarbon deposits (oil, oil shales, and coal) to methane is ongoing. Such Geobioreactors may offer the potential of turning currently finite energy reserves into methane "farms" capable of long-term, sustainable energy generation. "The hydrocarbon resources available in the Monument Butte oil field are very large, making the possibility of shifting from oil production to the ongoing farming of clean, natural gas an attractive consideration," said Robert Pfeiffer, president and chief executive officer of Luca Technologies. The Monument Butte site is one of six oil fields across the United States that Luca has been studying. The company has demonstrated two of those sites to be robust, methane-generating Geobioreactors, and two to be less actively generating methane. Three additional sites are not currently active but may have the potential to be turned into active Geobioreactors through cross-inoculation with microbial consortia from active sites. Luca scientists have also begun to isolate and identify particular members of the Monument Butte microbial consortium. Through partial DNA sequence analysis, the company has identified Clostridia and Thermatoga as two of the key members of this consortium. Clostridia form a broad genus of bacteria known for their diverse metabolic pathways. Clostridia frequently thrive in anaerobic environments and many species are known for their heat tolerance. Thermatoga microorganisms are known to play a role in the anaerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons to alcohols, organic acids and carbon dioxide. Thermatoga also thrive in high temperature environments, such as those found in sub-surface oil wells. "Oil within the Monument Butte field has a waxy composition that may facilitate the strong real-time methane generation we see at this site," commented Mr. Pfeiffer. "If so, then areas with large accumulations of waxy oil -- for example, the Daqing Field in Northeast China -- could prove to be important sites for the bioconversion of residual oil to methane and the restoration of these 'spent' sites to economic energy production." Potential for Methane "Farming" It has long been known that certain microorganisms are "methanogens" -- microbes that generate methane by metabolizing organic materials including various hydrocarbons. While it has also been generally accepted that many of the known methane deposits were produced by such organisms, most of this production was thought to have occurred millions of years ago, when the hydrocarbon deposits were less mature and closer to the surface of the earth. Luca scientists, employing the tools of modern biotechnology and genomics, have now shown that living, methane generating, microbial consortia are present and actively forming methane within some of these hydrocarbon substrates. In addition to demonstrating that methane formation by these microbes can be stimulated by the introduction of nutrients or suppressed by heat sterilization or the introduction of oxygen, Luca has shown that radio-labeled CO2 (carbon dioxide) introduced to these substrate samples is converted to radio-labeled methane. This demonstrates that the methane formation is the result of a biological process occurring today. Luca is actively working to characterize Geobioreactors and the microbial consortia that populate them, as well as to understand the metabolic processes by which those consortia generate methane. The company expects to evaluate specific Geobioreactors and their potential for conversion to methane "farms," both through partnerships with active Operators in the oil and gas industry and potentially on its own. If successfully developed, Luca believes this approach has the potential to turn current finite energy resources into even more valuable resources for the long-term production of clean, sustainable energy.
  4. Another interesting Royalty co (very small cap), that you may already be familiar with is Intl Royalty Corp (AMEX:ROY) It's a fairly new listing, but was at a GIP recently (mid dec) and the trend looks to be continuing. It is half a point above strong support, and well under any resistance levels. Increasing volume on a stock with what seems to me to be good financials... Could this be a buy?