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Grimbert's investments

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I've been reading GEI for nearly a year now, so I thought I'd share what I've learned and acted on so far. I don't comment much, like the average kid at the side of the classroom.


I am a man of modest means - I am a single father on not much more than median salary, receiving more than I need in benefits, which gets put into my pension and precious metals.


Any suggestions / comments gladly received.


I started buying gold and silver at the beginning of 2010. I have been buying on average 1 gold sovereign and 8 silver ounces per month. I also have quite a lot of old silver coins and shiny crowns.


My pension is made up as follows:


Old post office pension - will be worth £100 a month, best to keep it in the POPS rather than transfer it out.


The rest of my pension I moved into a SIPP back in March.


I've been easing the cash into various stuff, and this is how it now stands:


BlackRock Gold & General Accumulation Units

BlackRock New Energy Investment Trust Plc Ordinary 5p

CF Eclectica Agriculture A GBP Accumulation

Close Enhanced Commodities Fund Series II Ord NPV

PHAU ETFS Metal Securities Ltd Physical Gold

HSBC FTSE 100 Index Accumulation Units

GBP cash


Except for my gold and silver this is my only savings. I intend to withdraw as much as possible tax free when the time comes (15 years away). I also own a house which will be paid off before I retire.


If anyone's interested I'll give more details, like how much I've made on each investment.


Please chaps let me know if you think I'm too biased to primary industries, 1st world etc.



Grim (up north)

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Hi Grimbert, like the look of your investments. I'm of a similiar age [early 40s] and about to quit paid employment to strike out on my own.


I'm completely liquid in gold, silver, US dollars and NZ dollars, but am looking to put some of the cash to work on some mining stocks or what not. I'd love to see a large correction and good entry point into the market..... will be interesting to see what happens.

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