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War on savers


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Saving paper money in physical or electronic means is under attack from all directions. Many forces are making it costly for you to be using government currency.


Many employers require a bank account to pay you. You are forced to pay for one and use it. The default interest rate you get is shocking low compared to what the bank charges for it. Then do fractional reserve math and it's obscene.


Inflation. CPI is a scam.


A taxed wage saved and bearing interest is "tax disadvantageous" compared to buying and selling to a greater fool. Doesn't matter what this is, so long as it is going up. And now many governments have halved or reduced capital gains taxes so this is even more of a no-brainer. Selective Tax Breaks Accelarate!


Everything will keep going up and up and up forever..........


Savings mean you take away from fun today, to have better life tomorrow.


Save = less good now, better later

credit = better now, worse later


If you are a politician, the contentedness of the populace in the here and now is important. Better now better now better now better now. Put off put off put off.


How about I make people happy and get elected now, and we'll deal with global warming/peak oil/house price crash/end of the fucking world next election cycle! But only if the polls say it is worth it, of course.


If you're an old man, you might even be dead and buried a hero before it hits the fan. SO KEEP PRINTING THOSE BILLS THERE, BERNANKE!


Cheap wall mart crap? All for the low low price of fiscal integrity?


A few generations living in the suburbs? It only costs oil wars and clean air you say?


Individual or business tries to accumulate and spend money. Government takes a bit of tax away. But taxes also work as a penalty. Alcohol tax discourages you from drinking (but you do anyway because it is fun). But the biggest tax is..... a human being working? Why tax that?!


What succeeds in the market can depend on tax rules. If human labor was taxed (and it is) it discourages sailing boats. If it was a tax on something else, like say, noise, or carbon emissions - then the internal combusion engine boats would be discouraged. It's a choice of world we make for ourselves.


Current tax laws are a joke - they are amazingly dense and filled with all kinds of compromises to favoured industries etc. You can make a lot of money from not much work if you come up with clever tricks. There are whole industries of people who spend their days optimizing tax - many classes of people (accountants, financial planners, investors, economists) and brilliant minds currently working on it.


All that brainpower, going towards minimizing tax. Doing whatever financial tricks, transfers, business and individual role interactions, etc. But is that problem really worth all that intelligence to solve? Imagine if you had the same amount of brain power coming up with ways to minimize carbon emissions?


It seems today that the whole focus of the western world is all about shifting money around. That's where all the money is being made, anyway. That's how you make money and power. COME ONE - THIS IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO PUT SO MUCH EFFORT! This is skimming off the top. Not real production, invention, making things. FOCUS ON THAT!


But maybe the people in power, and enough people to keep them there only know financial tricks. Maybe if they had the choice of this world, with their high status, and a better world, where they'd lose status, they chose to keep doing things exactly as they are: I'll vote to make buying your 5th house cheaper than your first! KEEP PRINTING THOSE BILLS THERE, BERNANKE! Up and up and up.

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