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I am increasingly favouring the lower risk precious metals streaming and royalty companies despite the valuations of some of the producers. My favourite stock is Sandstorm, which is the only pure 100% gold streaming company. The streaming market is growing rapidly - here is an overview of Sandstorm:




I would be interested in hearing view on the streamers/royalty stocks. Does anyone have any favourites?

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I own Sandstorm and have so for a while now, but of course they took a hit too. Generally, I am more looking at the explorers at the moment, because they seem more undervalued, but I hold e.g. Silver Wheaton and several smaller to mid-tier gold producers that pay regular dividends. I like dividends + growth potential.

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Sandstorm looks great value imo. As Luna gets closer to production, Sandstorm will see a big uplift. There are some big players involved with the JDL/Luna deal and it looks hugely positive. Marin Katusa was interviewed on episode 489 of Frank Curzio's Wall Street Unplugged podcast (about 30 mins in) and said the geologists believe there could be 10m Oz of gold at Luna's Aurizona mine. So should be lots of cash coming to Sandstorm.




SSL remains a core long term holding for me.

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