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Is this a Forum run by the same guy, Johnny Bitcoin ?

(Whoops. He seems to just be a member there)




A notice he may be a member there:


Johnny Bitcoin

New Member, Male, 30

> http://forum.cointerra.com/members/johnny-bitcoin.452/

And posted on:

"Will You Mine an Alternative Currency?":


== ==


Here's the Team that runs the Cointerra website :



CoinTerra boasts a highly experienced engineering team of semiconductor architects and designers who have previously designed some of the world’s highest performance CPUs, GPUs and chipsets for NVIDIA, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and Nortel. Having worked on several generations of low-power mobile devices, our team brings tremendous experience in power efficient circuitry, design methodology and implementation to the exciting new frontier of Bitcoin mining.

Ravi Iyengar
Founder & CEO
Ravi Iyengar
Founder & CEO

Prior to founding CoinTerra, Ravi was Lead CPU Architect at Samsung Corporation. Ravi brings with him over 15 years of industry experience in Architecture, Design and Verification in CPU, GPU, Desktop/Server Chipsets and ASIC Cores, and many years of leadership experience at top semiconductor companies including Samsung, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Intel. Ravi has a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Wright State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India.

Jim O’Connor
VP Engineering
Jim O’Connor
VP Engineering

Over 35 years of experience in design and management. Jim has held management positions at Altior Inc (now Exar), SMSC (now Microchip), iVivity, Zagros Networks and Orologic (now Vitesse Semiconductor), Nortel Semiconductor and BroadBand Technologies.

Jim has also held lead design positions at BroadBand Technologies, Star Technologies, General Electric, and Teledyne. His experience includes SOC design and verification, Assertion-Based Verification, physical design, systems design, software and firmware in graphics, datacom, telecom and security.

Jim is a graduate of General Electric’s Edison Engineering program and holds B.S. and M. Eng. Degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School.

Dr. Timo Hanke
Chief Cryptography Advisor
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