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Confronting Difficulty, using "upliftment" energy

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Confronting Difficulty, using "upliftment" energy




Here's an uplifting message, from "Aristo" to Ron Van Dyke on a day of a major challenge,

as Ron faces the threat of a court hearing concerning his home, where a bank wants to foreclose






It is about the importance of NOT abandoning Hope, since such abandonment would lead to a

de-energized state, where little can be faced.


The Energy of Hope, embracing the NOw, which Aristo here calls "upliftment"


...IS NOT something to be wasted !

It can be used to face and creatively overcome challenges -

that one cannot face in a de-energized, hopeless state.

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As Ron woke up on his court date, he felt upliftment, feeling the prayers and energy people were sending his way. Aristo pointed out that a lot of people take that energy of feeling good and do nothing with it in the world around us. Our job, he said, is to take it into the Matrix, standing in our sovereign power despite the attempts of those in the matrix to get us to sacrifice our energy. These gifts of the Spirit are to be used for transformation, inside and out.


Fr N:

A very inspiring message, when we get the "gift of upliftment", we must not waste it, and just bask in the glow of energy and empowerment. We need to use it creatively, and sensibly to face hard facts, and find new pathways towards positive change.
I reckon that there are changes that we all SHOULD be making, but sometimes we need a surge of energy (upliftment?) to drive forward and make those changes in a positive way. Whatever happens today, Ron, whether the day proves a triumph or not, you may want to use the wonderful energy that you are feeling to make some changes. I trust you will make the right choices, and positive decisions
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