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"Experience the action"

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I was surprised to see on Kitco a banner ad for Osisko Exploration.


It said:

"Experience the Action. The New Inferred Resource is Out!" (verbatim)

Complete with photo of an attractive female.


Which links you to their website. Someone has clearly spent a lot of time on the Flash and Java programming of this site. Unless they are related to the management it will not have come cheaply. And this is an exploration company! It seems very strange to see this kind of marketing for an explorer, which is more appropriate on a high volume media company website. In fact I used to work for a video media company that had a much less sophisticated website!


Does this tell me that we are entering the 3rd wave, when the public becomes aware?

I don't think so, not yet. But it is surprising. I wonder whether we'll see more of this in months to come.

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