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Aussie end of financial year

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Hi all,

Aussie tax year ends in a week - there may be some sell-offs for tax reasons worth looking at, I am thinking the battering the gold juniors got there may well some amongst them.


On a specific note - first and foremost let me point out that I am a complete novice at investing in miners, especially juniors.

I have some Citigold (ASX.CTO) - there is an interesting graph showing market cap vs ounces in the ground for a range of Aussie miners as part of a recent presentation here - the last couple of pages. Apart from making CTO look like a decent buy on this basis (although mine is down about 30% since Jan), it highlights a few other juniors which look interesting. One of which - Troy resources (ASX.TRY) - priced at about AUD$150 in the ground, is producing and paying divs of about 3.5%, has a p/e 6.6 and a p/b of 1.2 - half of which is cash in the bank. What do people think? I am tempted. While we are at ait - any other Aussie recommendations? I do have a small amount of a fair few down here - just thinking with the tax thing this week might present a decent buying opp.




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