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Historic Gold Price - Novice question

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75 to present


Can anyone help a novice?

Having reviewed these forums the general concensus seems to be that gold is where you need to be to withstand coming inflation.

I found the above linked graph on Kitco illustrating gold price since 1975.

Doesn't this graph suggest its peaked?

Could someone outline why it is likely to rocket further, as many have recently speculated?





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If it's a dynamic address for the image it won't work.


If not above the box where you type a message click the icon like a landscape painting, to the right of the green icon with a plus sign. Insert the address in the pop-up window and click OK.


I think the answer to your question is that I suspect you are looking at the actual prices, not adjusted for inflation. The 1980 peak price adjusted for inflation is somewhere over $2000 and some would claim that that is an underestimate as the official inflation figures are fudged to make them look smaller.

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Found it.



Those are actual or nominal prices as I said above.


Somewhere in this month's Gold Thread somebody posted a comparison with the inflation adjusted price. Maybe somebody will post it here for you.

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Here's another way of looking at it.


Suppose a house was $850 in 1980. What would you say if it was now (in 2008, after 28 years), valued at $1000 ?


Some anti-gold people make the arguments:


1. Gold has peaked

2. Gold has been a poor investment because it's so low compared to 1980


You can't have it both ways !

Either it has peaked and so has been a good investment, or it's done poorly, and so if you believe in cycles, may now do well.


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