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The Ormetal Report Recommends Clifton Star Resources


The Ormetal Report Recommends Clifton Star Resources in a newsletter distributed to their readers on August 17, 2008. “We are adding Clifton Star to our list of favourite stocks and we are buying the stock at current prices even in this market environment.”






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Ormetal - "It is very hard to find a company whose stock price has not collapsed with the

kind of market environment we have had during the last 4 weeks. There is at

least one: Clifton Star. When we first mentioned Clifton to you at the end of

June, the stock had closed the previous week at C$2.85. It closed this past

week at C$2.75, which is not bad given that seniors and mid-tier gold stock

are still down 30-40% from that date. There is a good reason which explains

this contrary behaviour– some market participants, including other newsletter

writers, are starting to recognize the hidden value in Clifton

and buying."

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Ormetal - "You can do the math as well. Clifton’s stock prices can go

a lot higher. Assuming that Clifton delineates 3 million ounces

of gold, we get a possible market value of between US$300

million using $100 per ounce and US$750 million using $250

per once. Assuming also that Clifton issues another 10 million

shares in addition to the options and warrants and reaches

a still very reasonable 36 million shares fully diluted, we get

a price target of anywhere between C$8.33 and C$20.83

Folks, this is not a forecast or a prediction. This is simply an

exercise based on some facts (recent takeovers) and some

potential exploration successes. Nobody would bet the house

on this. Clifton may find more ounces and may issue less

shares. Time will tell. Our opinion is that it sure looks like

an excellent speculation for a junior gold investor."

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Article about mining in the province of Quebec




A Visit to Quebec - Serious Mining Country


By Al Korelin

Aug 19 2008 10:16AM






The video crew of the Korelin Economics Report, namely Sarah, Kathy and yours truly recently spent a little under two weeks in Quebec, Canada where we divided our time between the towns of Duparquet, Malarctic, Val d’Or and Rouyn Noranda visiting mining properties. We were hosted by the folks from Clifton Star Resources and Niogold Mining, but we also visited other properties including portions of those held by Osisko.


At the beginning



At the beginning of our visit, we were joined by Louis James of Casey Research and Laura Stein, the belle of the mining investment community. Later we met up with Greg McCoach of The Mining Speculator, Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, analyst David Smith, Marshall Berol of the Encompass Fund and Dan Pisenti of Whitehall Parker Securities.


For the Korelins it was a valuable educational experience. Our hosts Harry Miller and Fred Archibald of Clifton Star Resources and Mike Iverson and Rock LeFrancois of Niogold gave us an extensive tour of this prolific mining area, opening our eyes to a region that, in my mind, many resource investors are overlooking.


The countryside is some of the most beautiful that I have seen anywhere in the world. Gorgeous lakes, known for exciting walleye fishing, were everywhere. Beautiful green forests were abundant. And, yes there were some challenging and scenic golf courses. Even the little mining town of Duparquet, population about 1500, had a course with a welcoming clubhouse where Kathy, Sarah, Fred and I had a great lunch.


Whether it was in a fixed winged aircraft, in a helicopter, riding in corporate vehicles or tramping through the bush to visit drill rigs or mine sites, we got an excellent perspective of the area.


Lately, a lot of attention has been drawn to mining companies located in South America, Mexico and China. These areas, to be sure, are home to some serious projects, many of which could return profits to their shareholders.


I certainly would not want any of my readers or listeners to The Korelin Economics Report radio program to discount the potential offered in these parts of the world, but I do need to point out that Quebec too has a lot to offer.


First of all, the provincial government strongly supports the miners both in terms of putting sensible regulations in place and providing monetary support that includes rebates from the government for qualified mining work.


The miners live up to their responsibilities by utilizing environmentally sound practices and supporting the communities where they are located.


As an example, a portion of the town of Malarctic is being moved, lock stock and barrel, to a location away from an important resource deposit controlled by Osisko. This company is not randomly moving buildings, but they are keeping neighborhoods together and completely updating each building and home after it is transported to the new location. Needless to say, this is a win-win situation for both the town’s residents and the mining company.


Far and away the majority of the people living in this region benefit from the mining industry whether it is through direct employment or the sale of goods and services.


I learned this not only on the property visits, but in restaurants and, believe it or not, on the golf course in Val d’Dor where I met a number of both currently active and retired people many of whom were third or fourth generation miners.


I bring this up as a comment to those folks who subscribe to the theory that the mining industry has no regard for environmental issues and I would suggest that anyone who feels that way visit Quebec and see first hand just how environmentally conscious these miners are.


Called the “Golden Highway”, the country that we saw from Duparquet to Val d’Or was impressive. Millions of ounces of gold have been mined in the past and the results of current testing indicate that many more will be mined there in the future.


It’s hard to fail when companies have a qualified work force, a supportive government, existing infrastructure and a large amount of mineralization yet to be discovered.


As you can tell, I was impressed. We recorded a lot of radio while we were there and if you did not hear it on your local station simply go to our website, www.kereport.com where all the recent shows are archived and take a listen.


A.B. Korelin





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Thanks and there is a lot more to come here.

Understand that people are still buying at these levels.


Jaguar been sat watching on the sidelines, but seems to be finding a new range? What are you expecting news wise, wonder if it's due another run?

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