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The current gold price, A personal question

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There’s a lot of talk of the detachment of the gold "paper" price and that of physical bullion


I'm pretty sure there are readers on this site from a variety of backgrounds and from different income levels, because of this I would love to know how much YOU would personally pay for the following......


A Fine suit (men’s or women’s)

A leather Belt

A pair of Shoes



I hope this exercise doesn't end up as a farce with people quoting the most expensive items they can find. I would just love to compare the total of the prices with that of a 1oz gold coin.


I have to admit, I don't wear a suit, I’m a bit of a roughneck really, hence I have no idea how much these item are valued at currently.


Any input is appreciated


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Any input is appreciated


I don't really think that an individual here would give you an average but you might want to look for an average price, my tailor will sell you one from the cheap end of his range at about £800 but that is above fine. I just had a look at Moss Bross and Barretts, their better end range of apparel


suit £299

shirt £45

Belt £20

Tie £20

Cufflinks £20

Shoes £50

Total £454


1oz today is 778.90/1.786 = £436.11

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A Fine suit (men’s or women’s) - never had one. :D

A leather Belt - €13 (decent quality but nothing special)

A pair of Shoes - €69 (decent quality, leather uppers and soft but durable rubber soles (important in Finnish winter) but nothing special)


On edit: what I did pay, not would pay. Practical good quality shoes are worth a lot. Also I like a decent belt.

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