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(AEY.L )antrim energy

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Hi GEI.ers not posted for a while as i have nothing usefull to say :)

over on ADVFN energi's old freind /now foe A.J is plugging this stock as a big winner!!!

Antrim have just had a big find in causeway of oil .and it looks good to my eye's

A few weeks ago Bubb said he was buying some gas stocks obviuosly not on the LSE.

I for one would be very intrested what you bought Bubb?. as you never got round to starting a topic on it

Also how do you see antrim doing longer term 12 /18 months i know its already had a run up but does anyone see it going further?


p.s frizzers sold too early with hindsight

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Hi frizzers well at least you made 30% .Which is good isn't it esp for a few days

My question is how do you see it doing in the next 12/18 months ?

Mr A.J who i regard as a very savvy investor /trader .as i'm sure many here do also.

has big expectations of this stock and is qouting possibly 10/ 12 pds in that time frame


I am absolutely uselless at trading .But the thought of buying some and sticking it away for a year sounds good .

I know you shouldn't buy a stock after a big run up .Which is why i am asking here ?

On a technical basis the price should come down .But the fundamentals are driving it here i beleive

and it could go a lot further according to some on other bb's


Whats does any of the traders on here think?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know really. I sold because I am very bearish generally and I was looking to move into cash. In fact I only bought in the first place because the news was so good.


It does seem to have gone mental. 150% in a week. That's not usually a good buy point.


And A James's tips are often very good. PLAA was another excellent one that I first heard of through him.


It's one of those that's going up so fast you don't want to be on the sidelines. If you feel compelled to buy for that reason then it's probably best not to.


If you buy, it'll probably dip. If you don't, it'll soar.


If we get Crawford's August demise, you might find a better in-point in September.

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I bought in at 1.55 pds about 700 up so far :)

but i was thinking of doubling my holding on monday


Average broker target price is now 2.80 pds but if the other well is as big of a success as the first

i can see this taking off again imo


After reading comments on here and elsewhere about a downturn it puts me off buying at the moment.

But have you noticed that exploration stocks have been hit hard and not come back .But producers in general are doing better than ever .

Could this happen again? esp with the price of oil and gas

my timing for buying stocks is crap but as long as my purchase is up in the future

im happy.

Wheres my crystal ball?

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