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Hi all,


I'm very new to trading, having only been toe-dipping for a few months, so bear with me :)


One of the stocks I bought a while back, OXS.ISE, has just started climbing fast. I bought it because I thought it looked fundamentally undervalued, and the company seemed to be having a run of bad luck, which Ifigured had to end sometime.


However, now that it has made significant gains (50% up), I am finding myself wondering whether to hold or sell.


What I'd like is some advice from seasoned traders - how do you make such a decision, both in general and in the case of this particular stock?



Many thanks.

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Selling half is often a good tactic.


I don't know OxuS , or their story, but I gather it's a rollercoaster.


On the other hand, seasonally, now can be a better time to buy miners.



Thanks Frizzers. I like the selling half idea, but since I only own £2k of this stock I might just hold on for the ride, see what happens. I'll bear that tactic in mind for future trades.

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