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New Energies Resources!

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As we know that Crude Oil Exploitation relating to environmental concerns has involved into political and social issues. Consider the pollution that derives from various causes, and energies resources are going to be used up. It is about time to weaken people's awareness to protect the environment. There are many natural power that we can use to save time, money, and protect the Earth.


Solar power, that's obvious, but the energy in coal originally came from the Sun too. Prehistoric plants stored the Sun's energy in their leaves, and when they died and eventually formed coal seams, that energy was still there. So when we burn coal (or any fossil fuel), we're releasing chemical energy that was stored in plants millions of years ago.


The same goes for Wind and Wave power. Waves occur because of winds, and winds blow because the Sun warms our atmosphere. Warm air tends to rise, and winds are due to other air moving in to replace it.


Most power stations burn coal, oil or natural gas to run the generators. Others use uranium, or the flow of water. Electricity is sent around the country using high-voltage power lines. Nearly all of the power we use comes from large power stations, although some places such as isolated farms, or hospitals, have their own diesel generators.

May be in the near future, those energies resources will be used appropriately and properly to serve our life better.

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There were some issues pertaining to different energy sources. Thanks for the info about the coal because honestly I didn't know about that. Nowadays, I think in my opinion it is still better to use solar energy than the fossil because solar energy does good to environment unlike fossils.

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