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LANDED - Japan



Global property boom - has turned into a bust.

It has already been a bust in Jpan for a long time


Hard to get info - Dillon's book addresses this gap. Designed to help those obtain enough info to make an intelligent buying decision - The paperback book is expensive. But is well worth $xxx, if you are seriously interested in buying property in Japan. A mistake might cost you 100x or 1,000x that much, or more. And this book will improve your chances of making a successful investment.


...Takes the bull by the horns, or rather the bear, and begins the book by facing the realities of Japans negative Demographics situation (At 1.21, Japan's estimated 2009 fertility rate ranked 218th out of 224 countries - far below the replacement rate of 2,33.) But Japan remains ahead of Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong - in births, but not in attracting foreign residents. Instead of encouraging more immigration, to counter the demographic bust, the Japanese government is paying them a bonus (Y300k, about $3,000) to leave, and over 40,000 brazilians have taken advantage of that scheme. This program is popular, since many japanese blame foreigners for certain social problems.


Despite these problems, the populations in three principle cities, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya is growing. Tokyo had net immigration of over 150,000 people in 2008, and that is where dillion thinks one should focus one's property investments. "Tokyo is a transport, commercial, and cultural hub... these businesses and institutions will support long term demand for homes in central locations and near train and subway stations."


Japan's population crisis is concentrated in rural areas, Out-migration is shrinking the tax base, and hospitals and train stations are being closed. Rural property can be an attractive investment, but CD recommends that buyers do their homework.


The procedure for buying a property in Japan is logical bit complex. CD takes you through all the steps, and points out some of the potential pitfalls, that foreign buyers may miss, like the impact that a death at the property may have on its market value. Transaction costs run high, he recommends a budget of about 7-8%...

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Japan Property Discussion



Chris Dillon was a speaker at a recent Property Show here in HK. He has written a very useful book about Buying Property in Japan

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(New book)


This week, we launched an ebook version of Landed Japan.

The ebook includes a new introduction that summarizes the changes that have occurred in Japan’s property market since the print edition was published in 2010.

To thank you for buying the print edition of Landed Japan, the new introduction is available on the Landed website. You can also find updates on our Facebook page.

Kind regards


Christopher Dillon


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