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WHEN does the Cardinal Climax actually hit ?

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WHEN does the Cardinal Climax actually hit ?

"On August 1, give or take a week" or a wider window





"Ray Merriman coined the term 'Cardinal Climax' in 1999"


First, Listening to Arch Crawford, I heard the C-Climax was meant to arrive last weekend (July 30 - Aug. 2nd).

But then I heard Tom Obrien say in his broadcast last night that The Climax comes "this weekend", ie that it started August 6th.


Investigating ...



Called the Cardinal Climax, the outer planets will touch upon the early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn, forming strong squares and oppositions that are sure to heighten world tension in the midst of the economic collapse. Astrologers who are aware of these coming planetary configurations continue to be amazed at the power of these outer transits that peak in the years 2010 through 2014.

. . .

By the year 2010, the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will form a series of squares and oppositions touching on the seasonal cardinal points of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, forming what is known as “the Cardinal Climax” – a major series of T-square aspects that will rotate the world in 2010, and early 2011. . . .

From this view, the year of 2010 is a key year as the world enters the second decade of the 21st century. As the world nears the year 2011, it is in a state of economic panic and decline. Clearly, the legacy era of the latter half of the 20th century is coming to an end, and a new era is on the horizon.


Kunstler states that the American standard of living as defined in the late 20th century “has got to come way down.”


What does he mean by “come way down?”

/more: http://valentine2.wordpress.com/2010/04/19...climax-arrived/



Cardinal Climax of planets 8/1/10 ...Posted by Kelv on April 15, 2010 at 8:40pm


.This is a very interesting read from a financial perspective about cycles in the sky. The Cardinal Climax only happens once every 10,000 years or so. Just a heads up for all the eternal beings here:



"Let’s talk about the Cardinal Climax.

On August 1, give or take a week, we’ll have the most five-planet alignments in perhaps thousands of years. Known as the “Cardinal Climax,” this is the meanest, nastiest, most challenging and most transformational of any planetary phenomena in all of written history!

/ more: http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/c...imax-of-planets



The Cardinal Climax is a powerful planetary configuration that many astrologers consider to be one of the most unusual and challenging of the 21st Century. Ray Merriman coined the term "Cardinal Climax" in 1999, and much has been written on Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all entering cardinal signs in hard aspect to each other. Pluto in Capricorn is the harbinger, followed by Saturn moving into Libra this fall, and Uranus into Aries in May 2010. The impact of the Cardinal Climax is from 2008-2015.


...what's the bottom line here?


If Arch and others are right, the Dow and world-wide finances generally will hit a TOP at the end of April or start of May and from there it's ALL DOWN HILL. The actual Cardinal Climax comes a few days either side of August 1...

/ more: http://www.articlesbase.com/economics-arti...l#ixzz0vtnHrHa6


SPY - Chart for 2010 ... update : 10d-to-Aug.6th : 10d-Update


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WHEN does the Cardinal Climax hit ?

"Ray Merriman coined the term 'Cardinal Climax' in 1999"

Listening to Arch Crawford, I heard it was last weekend (July 30 - Aug. 2nd), but then I heard Tom Obrien say in his broadcast last night that The Climax comes "this weekend", ie that it started August 6th.


From Merriman's own website:

The “Great Cardinal Ingress” of 2008-2015, and in particular 2008-2010, promises to be an important climax in human activity and thought. ...

first published : www.mmacycles.com/

(as Cached on Google):



A Review of Past Forecast Quotes


As of September 2008, the U.S. and world banking system has officially entered a state of crisis. This economic and banking crisis will likely bring about the end of an era, and lead to an immense transformation of not just the banking and financial community, but almost every aspect of the human experience (political, social, cultural, etc).

. . .

But in answer to the question, “Did anyone in Astrology forecast (predict) the current banking and economic crisis?” … the answer is yes, probably many astrologers forecasted this period of crisis. Many astrologers could have forecasted this period as being critical to Humanity in many ways, by simply looking at an ephemeris of the planetary signatures that were to be in effect 2008-2012, and even into 2015.

. . .

Forecasts 1998

The “Capricorn Climax” – the “Contraction phase” of the Kondratieff wave – is over. The end and beginning of the larger cycle have been completed. However there will be critical points along the new Kondratieff cycle, and critical points along the cycles of the planetary pairs involved in the “Capricorn Climax.” that will likely coincide with possible “crises” (dangers and opportunities) to the foundation of this new economic order. The magnitude of each crisis depends upon the phase of the longer-term cycle of which it is but a part. 1998-2000 may represent one of those crises points from the study of the Kondratieff Cycle and Astrology. However, it is smaller in magnitude than one that is due to arise 2008-2014. If most cycles are comprised of three “phases”, or sub-cycles, than the middle-to-end of the next decade will represent the one-third point of the 54-year Kondratieff cycle (15-21 years after the 1986-1993 bottom and contraction period). It will also represent a time in which Pluto will enter the constellation of Capricorn and in T-Square to Uranus entering Aries and Saturn Libra (2008-2011). But during that time and extending an additional three years to 2014, each of these planets will enter into a T-Square with one another. The last time these three planets were involved in a T-Square in Cardinal signs was 1930-33, in the midst of the “Great Depression.” The difference in terms of cycles is that 1930-33 was at the end of the Kondratieff wave cycle, whereas 2008-2014 will mark approximately the first one-third point of the cycle. The 2008-2014 phase is still the birthing point of the longer-term cycle. It probably represents a time of leaving its “innocence” phase. Technology matures and thereafter may become the undisputed foundation of the world’s economy, for better or worse. Manufacturing and industry must be re-tooled, or relegated to a less important position in the survival of the Human species.


Forecast 2000

The fact that it is halfway between two “climaxes” suggests that something of importance could transpire in 1999-2000 that acts as a connection between those two greater celestial periods. Perhaps the events and decisions of 1999-2000 act as a “bridge,” connecting the two major “Climax” periods of 1988-1993 with 2008-2012.


Forecast 2001

But right in the middle of these two “Climaxes” is a “mini-climax.” Between 1998-2002 we find the planet Saturn engaged in a series of hard aspects to first Neptune (conjunction), then Uranus (square) and Jupiter (conjunction), an finally Pluto (opposition). The middle of any cycle is vulnerable to a pause, or even a sharp correction. This has certainly been true in this case, as the whole technology sector of the business community came to a screeching pause right in 2000. A “shake-out” has ensued, whereby scores of start-up technology companies have fallen by the wayside. They were unable to continue to attract investor monies, as they were unable to show ability to garner revenues and profits (through sales). However, if our theory holds up, this is just a pause in the trend, and not the end of the trend itself, which began between 1988-1993. The advances brought about through new applications of technology are likely to continue right into 2008-2016


Forecast 2002

The next celestial “Climax” will occur 2008-2015, when Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus will all enter Cardinal signs, and form a T-Square to one another. Most of this will take place in 2008-2010, but the Uranus-Pluto square will not be completed until 2015. The last time these three planets came into a similar formation was in 1930-1933, which coincided with the Great Depression. It doesn’t have to manifest the same way this time, although it could. It simply means that life as we know it will again be transformed.


Forecast 2003

My bias is that if there is another stock market crash, or economic or banking panic, the DJIA will hold above this level (1616 on DJIA). And if it does, it could then satisfy the criteria for labeling the 1987 bottom as a 54-year cycle trough, as well as satisfying the criteria for a forthcoming 72-year cycle trough. In fact, all that is needed to satisfy the 72-year cycle trough is for the DJIA to loss at least 46% of its value form the…all-time high. Once that happens, we can confirm a 72-year cycle trough is indeed forming, and the cycle is valid. And that might very well occur during the next great celestial pattern known as the “Cardinal Climax”, which is due 2008-2015.


Forecast 2004

Let’s outline this Saturn-Pluto cycle in terms of its 4 phases. Each phase lasts about 7-9 years. The first phase begins at the conjunction, and lasts through the waxing square. In the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, the first phase lasted from 1982-1993. During this phase, the economy and stock markets usually come out of a trough or recession, and begin a period of advance and prosperity. Hard times end, budget deficits (debt) begins to be reduced. The second phase is in effect from the waxing square through the opposition. In the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, the second phases lasted from 1993-2001. It is during this phase that the U.S. economy and stock market grow, and typically peak out very close in time to the opposition. Budget deficits are eliminated or sharply reduced, and in most cases, a budget surplus is actually attained. That indeed happened this time too, as the U.S. stock market soared to its all-time high in early 2000, with a double top in May 2001 in the DJIA. Additionally, the U.S. balanced its budget, and even attained a budget surplus by the time the opposition first hit in August 2001. But by the end of 2001, the Terrorist Attack on America, combined with the tax rebate of $600.00 per tax-paying citizen, had returned the federal budget back to a deficit, which continues to escalate to even new record levels already as this is being written.


The third phase is in effect between the opposition and the waning square of these two planets. In current times, that will take place between 2001-2009. Typically the debt of the nation, and the general trend of the economy, enters a period of greater concern and worry. Deficits and debt tend to increase, and so do interest rates. Taxes also tend to increase, and the economy is more prone to recession or sluggish growth. There is even vulnerability to an economic panic or depression at the time of the waning square (2009-2010), as people struggle with faith in their economic and political leaders. These struggles continue into the fourth phase, which takes place between the waning square and conjunction. In current times, that will occur between 2010-2020. The absolute economic or stock market cycle low can take place either at the time of waning square (2009-2010), which ends the prior phase and begins this phase, or within 2 years of the conjunction. If it occurs at the waning square, then the fourth phase is usually just a time of contraction. Neither the economy nor the stock market expand with any force, as a rule, until the conjunction period is near or completed. Additionally, interest rates tend to be high and consumer confidence low, and faith in political leaders is also near a nadir, until the conjunction period arises — or shortly after.


Forecast 2005

An equally important geocosmic event will soon unfold, known as the “Great Cardinal Climax.” From 2008 through 2015, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto will all ingress into cardinal signs, and form square and/or opposition aspects to one another. The entrance into cardinal signs will actually take place 2008-2010, when each of these planets will be in an almost (but not quite) T-square aspect pattern to one another. But the final square between Uranus and Pluto will not end until 2015, and thus we should consider this entire 7-year period to be significant, although the most significant within that period (from an astrological point of view) is most likely 2008-2010.


Saturn and Uranus have a 29- and 84-year orbital cycle period around the Sun. Pluto however, takes 248 years to makes its orbit around the Sun. During this period, when each enters into a cardinal sign, they also make one of the “hard” aspects to one another. A “hard aspect” in astrology consists of a conjunction, opposition, or square aspect between planets. A Saturn-Uranus planetary pair cycle, as pointed out earlier, commences about every 45 years. Saturn and Pluto begin their planetary cycles about every 32-37 years. Uranus and Pluto however, come together only every 126 years. The frequency of these three planets forming “hard aspects” to one another, in a T-square, is quite rare. The last time it happened was in 1931, in the midst of “The Great Depression.”

. . .

It is significant to note that of all the planetary aspects studied in relationship to the U.S. and British stock markets, only the conjunction and opposition between Saturn and Uranus have a 100% correlation to either the tops or bottoms of 4-year or greater cycles. In fact, in 10 of the 11 instances since 1761, the presence of Saturn and Uranus in one of these relationships has been present in 18-year or greater cycles. The last instance was in 1988, when Saturn and Uranus formed a conjunction three times between February and December of that year. Only 4 months before the first passage, the world experienced the “Great Stock Market Crash” of October 1987. That marked the end of the prior 18-year cycle, and the beginning of the one still now in effect. Thus, the “Great Cardinal Ingress” of 2008-2015, and in particular 2008-2010, promises to be an important climax in human activity and thought. It is the type of geocosmic phenomena that has frequently coincided with a major shift in the consciousness of the collective, and direction of civilization


Forecast 2006

The Next Fifteen Years (2006-2021)


The tide is starting to change. Karma is unfolding for Humankind.


Gone are the soft aspects from Jupiter in Libra to Neptune and Pluto (late 2004 through September 2005). Gone are the days when the words “Trust me,” meant you could trust the person who said them. Gone are the days when one is no longer held accountable for their decisions, and people believe in the promise that “things will get better.” Gone are the days when people believe in the wisdom of their leaders’ visions, or the faith that “Father knows best.”


Welcome to a new world of reality – and not “Reality TV.” Welcome to a world in which promise and vision are not enough to carry the day, or to get the vote. Welcome to a new world in which real progress and constructive change will take hard work and effort by people who are dedicated to the cause, and not just the personal glory or favorable financial position the role used to bring. Instead of “who do you know,” the path to advancement and promotion is changing to “How well can you manage, and how competent are you?” Cronyism is out, and accountability and performance are in.


If you want to succeed in the next 15 years, you have to get past the urge to hype, past the urge to feed into fear, past anything that is not real… and be accountable. If you want to succeed, you will have to be patient, dedicated to something beyond yourself, and able to apply all the spiritual and life lessons you have learned over the past few decades in your daily life. It is no longer about “me,” and what others can do to help “me” get what “I” want, regardless of whether I really deserve it or not. It’s about the world, the group you belong to (socially or professionally), and how you can contribute to the greater whole. Anyone who thinks they can make it on their own will find out… they are alone, and it will be a lonely place

. . .

A great investment opportunity looms ahead – for those who have the cash (and courage) to invest when prices are at extremely attractive levels. That is likely to happen within 18 months of Saturn in its waning square to Pluto (November 15, 2009-August 21, 2010 +/- 18 months), or when they return to conjunction (January 12, 2020, +/- 18 months). Whichever happens to be the lowest low will tell us whether there is a dominant 72- or 90-year stock market cycle (see “Stock Market” section). But even if the lowest level in stock indices is realized in the first instance, the stock market and economy are not expected to break out to the upside until the conjunction period is reached (2018-2021).


Forecast 2007

The sense that “The World is Different” increases every year as we draw nearer to the Cardinal Climax. And one reason is due to the fact that we are now in a decade when Saturn makes an opposition to all three planets beyond its orbit: Pluto (2001-2002), Neptune (2006-2007), and Uranus (2008-2010). This is a very rare phenomenon, because each of these planetary-pair relationships has a cycle exceeding 32 years. For all three to come into the same type of relationship with Saturn within a 9-year period is not very common. In fact, in the past 200 years, it has only happened three times:



1862-1875 (mostly 1863-1873)


And now, 2001-2010


In all three previous cases, the U.S. and/or British stock markets peaked with an all-time high, coincident with either the Saturn-Pluto or Saturn-Uranus part of the oppositions (1834, 1873, and 1966). In all three cases, serious economic declines followed, as well as major changes in the social and political structures of not just the United States, but other countries of the world as well.



Forecast 2008

The largest pattern that will unfold involves Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, three of the four longest-term planetary cycles in their orbit around the Sun. Not only that, but these three planets are powerful, or “yang” in their nature. The other far-out planet – Neptune – is “yin,” and much softer by nature than the other three. Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are strong and seem to “make things happen.” It is especially important now because these three planets will be moving from mutable signs to the action-oriented cardinal signs. This process unfolds from January 26, 2008, when Pluto first enters the cardinal sign of Capricorn, through March 17, 2015, when the final waxing square is completed between Uranus and Pluto, from the signs of Aries and Capricorn respectively. In between those dates, Saturn will enter the cardinal sign of Libra (October 29, 2009-October 5, 2012), and Uranus will enter the cardinal and war-like sign of Aries (May 28, 2010-March 6, 2019). Also, each of these planets will form a “hard” aspect to one another. Saturn will be in its 45-year opposition to Uranus five times between November 4, 2008 and July 26, 2010. Saturn will be in its 32-37 year waning square aspect to Pluto November 15, 2009 through August 21, 2010. And then the final segment of this powerful celestial set up ends with the seven passage series of Uranus in waxing square to Pluto, June 24, 2012 through March 17, 2015. This later signature may be the most important part of the whole pattern, for it doesn’t happen too often. The last occurrence was in 1876-77. In between, there was a waning square between these same two planets in 1932-1933. Both of these times coincided with economic depressions and severe stock market losses.


Forecast 2009

( The Forecasts for 2009 book will be available December 15, 2008. To pre-order now, click here... )


Forecast 2010


/more: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/sear...=clnk&gl=hk

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08/01/2010 Venus changes signs into Virgo

Venus is debilitated in Virgo meaning it is very weak. Venus rules relationships and love. This is not a good time to plan marriage, for there can be misunderstanding and the marriage will get off to the wrong start. It seems while Venus is in Virgo we become more critical of others, unable to accept and ignore the flaws that bug us. This does give us a chance to see our own intolerance therefore, an opportunity to recognize our own faults and change them. If you have an issue with something about another person then you must recognize it is you that has the problem. Venus in Virgo gives us this opportunity.




08/03/2010 Jupiter square Pluto and Mars opposed Jupiter

This is a T-square where Mars and Jupiter oppose, and Pluto is the focal point or the midpoint between both Mars and Jupiter. This is in mutable signs in the sidereal system, and in cardinal signs in the tropical system. Pluto concerns deep undercurrents that have been hidden and now rise to the surface revealing much deception. Mars and Pluto can represent violence and destruction, while Jupiter can make the events bigger. This can indicate hidden agendas pertaining to fighting and war.


08/07/2010 Venus opposed Uranus

Venus is in a weak sign, which will indicate problems, and with Uranus in opposition this can represent break ups in relationships. Major break ups of very famous people will top the news. Recognize we are all on edge and we cannot project our own issues on to others. Own your issues and recognize this is an opportunity for spiritual growth.


08/07/2010 Rahu aspect Mercury (trine)

This is an important aspect for Mercury is slowing down because it will soon turn retrograde. Exaggerated news will excite the public. The media is controlling the emotional climate of the public. The truth is being revealed which is very hard to accept for many so it creates a polarity and rebellion. This is a time of crises and revolution.


08/08/2010 Venus conjunct Saturn and 08/09/2010 Venus square Pluto

Venus, the planet for beauty and love is aspected by hard malefic planets. It seems there is no love in this world. Ruthless and mean people seem to go crazy. The tension is very intense globally.


08/09/2010 New Moon 23 degrees Cancer Ashlesha nakshatra

Ashlesha is a powerful and intense nakshatra. The symbol for Ashlesha is the serpent. This can represent hidden secrets that can be of a deceptive nature. On the positive side Ashlesha can represent healing, as the symbol of the American Medical Association (AMA) is a staff or rod with a snake curled around it. The staff (the rod) of Aesculapius (also called Asklepios), is the ancient mythical god of medicine. I believe it is the healing of some dark secrets and the realization of the truth will heal us individually and our planet.


Looking at the New Moon chart calculated for Washington, DC the Sun/Moon are in the 4th house of our land and home. Jupiter is aspecting this New Moon but since Jupiter is retrograde this aspect is not applying for it is moving the backwards. Jupiter is actually applying to Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus are in the 12th house indicating the hidden affairs of enemies of the USA. Mars, Saturn and Venus are in the 6th house, which represents open enemies. Both the 6th and 12th houses pertain to struggles and opposition, particularly pointing to some type of rebellion. Both houses have to do with accidents and social uprising. Rahu and Pluto in the 9th house opposing Ketu in the 3rd house indicate the manipulation of the media. This should be called propaganda. Much has been hidden and now is the time dark secrets are revealed.


08/16/2010 Jupiter opposed Saturn

Since Jupiter is retrograde and Saturn is direct this opposition involves 2 planets applying to each other. This means they are sending their energy toward each other. This is powerful. The opposition will deal with opposing forces causing a standoff and striking polarity. There are many issues arising that seem to never get resolved.


08/20/2010 Sun opposed Neptune

This is a time where the President is blindsided. He does not know the depth of the reality of what is yet to come. The time approaching in the fall where Rahu/Ketu come together with Pluto in the nakshatra Mula, which is the point of the Galactic Center will be a huge shift. The Sun as the President opposing Neptune clouds his decisions. While at the same time of this aspect Mercury turns retrograde in the sign Leo and the Sun are both indicators of leadership or Presidents. There will a reversal in the trends and direction of current affairs. In other words we will be losing ground on any progress believed made previously. The popularity of the current leaders of our government will come under fire.


08/20/2010 Mercury turns retrograde 25 degrees Leo

Turns direct 09/12/2010, 11 degrees Leo

Where Mercury retrogrades tells where the focus of attention returns and therefore, there is something to be addressed concerning the sign placement as well as aspects to this important indicator of what needs to be learned during this time. Leo indicates our representation of leaders globally. Also the fact that Neptune opposes this retrograde Mercury will uncover deceptive forces occurring now. Neptune rules oil therefore the cover-ups concerning this BP oil crisis will finally be revealed. As always Mercury retrograde will have the usual effects of miscommunication, forgetfulness, losing things, computer problems, and travel problems, But on top of the retrograde process Mercury is also opposed by Neptune which will make this Mercury retrograde unusually worse. This will make us more forgetful so make lists and be extra cautious to avoid further frustration during this time.


08/20/2010 Venus conjunct Mars

08/21/2010 Saturn square Pluto

So many events are occurring during this time due to all these aspects occurring at the same time. Venus conjunct Mars will cause marital discord and anger, breaking up many relationships. For Venus cannot operate well next to Saturn and Mars and in the worse sign for Venus, Virgo.


The grand cross is forming now, and July 21st Saturn squared Pluto. This entire month and the rest of summer into the fall will have this groundbreaking configuration in the sky. This will produce earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and war. This is a time of revolution and transformational change for our planet.


08/24/2010 Full Moon 7 degrees Aquarius, Shatabhishak nakshatra

The Full Moon is in Aquarius and close to Neptune surfacing the deception and deceit of the oil companies and the overall disastrous effects of this oil leak. It is also the disappointment with the government and that the people need to take back their control because there is no one out there that will save us.

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The chart is for the 6th August this year when the planetary aspects are at their tightest and the moon swings into position to complete a Grand Cross pattern. Note, however, that the fast moving moon makes a fleeting appearance in this pattern, what really matters is the "T-square" part of the pattern involving many planets in the early degrees of Cardinal signs, as of course when the moon is not involved the point of the pattern completing the Grand Cross is missing. These aspects are starting to come into effect in a big way this coming week and will intensify until their early August peak. Because this pattern is forming in the very early degrees of what are called Cardinal signs, starting with the Jupiter - Uranus conjunction around the start of the zodiac circle at the beginning of Aries, it is known as the Cardinal Climax, and its significance is amplified. It is very important to understand that such configurations are EXTREMELY RARE EVENTS - according to Crawford, it is most powerful aspect in Earth's written history. Note that not everything can be explained here, as I am trying to write an article, not a book.


So, what does this extremely tight and tense astrological configuration mean for the world? In interpreting this pattern it helps to understand that disharmonious aspects to planets can bring about the following negative manifestations - Mars: aggression, conflict and war, Jupiter: inflation and excess, overreaching, Saturn: authoritarianism, austerity, privation, poverty, Uranus: sudden developments, revolution and anarchy, Pluto: chaos and mass destruction leading to fundamental transformation. All of these planets are involved in this tight grouping, and for clarity planets that are not involved in it are not shown, which includes the Sun. Looking around at the world today we have a number of threatening disasters or catastrophes. One possibility is that Israel or the US could attack Iran, although this looks more likely to happen later. They would like to do this but are scared of the consequences and the US is spread thin militarily with its occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, but on the other hand it would be a good way to get unthinking people to rally round the flag and forget their economic woes. With regard to the natural world major earthquakes and flooding and other natural disasters would also be typical manifestations. Finally this terrible configuration hardly augers well for the stockmarket, which could crash with very little warning, and it is certainly in position to do so. The fortunes of the Precious Metals depend on what disaster or combination of disasters manifests - for example an attack on Iran would be expected to drive them higher, whereas a self-feeding stockmarket crash would probably take them lower in the absence of such an attack.


Do the negative implications of this extreme planetary configuration have to manifest immediately?

Not necessarily, although they probably will, but there could be some time lag. For example Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in July - August 1990, between a solar and lunar eclipse and just before an extremely malefic Grand Cross in the heavens in fixed signs, see lunar eclipse chart below, but was not kicked out until the next pair of eclipses 6 months later, in Operation Desert Storm. The symbolism of this Grand Cross could not be more apt, with Mars, the god of war, and Pluto standing for catharsis and mass destruction being involved - six months later Saddam Hussein's army was humiliated and sent packing and the Kuwaiti oil fields were set ablaze.


/see: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/39946/2010...rophe-alert.htm

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The chart is for the 6th August this year when the planetary aspects are at their tightest and the moon swings into position to complete a Grand Cross pattern. Note, however, that the fast moving moon makes a fleeting appearance in this pattern, what really matters is the "T-square" part of the pattern involving many planets in the early degrees of Cardinal signs, as of course when the moon is not involved the point of the pattern completing the Grand Cross is missing...

The Moon completes the pattern, this guy claims.


So I suppose that some of the Astrologers will claim a bullseye, if stocks collapse in the new week.


Any more Solar Flares this weekend, like last weekend's Coronal Eruptions?

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The Moon completes the pattern, this guy claims.

So I suppose that some of the Astrologers will claim a bullseye, if stocks collapse in the new week.


Any more Solar Flares this weekend, like last weekend's Coronal Eruptions?

Merriman's stuff has been great. Very big picture wisdom, going back years (see post #x)


This is more up-to-date:


Last week’s start of this fifth and deepest layer of the Cardinal Climax (July 21-August 21) began with an announcement by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) that six more banks have been seized by government regulators, bringing the total closed this year to 96. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The pace of failures has nearly doubled that of 2009 when 140 banks were shuttered by regulators.” The Cardinal Climax stories of today are signs of things to come. In many cases they reflect trends already in force, some of which started around the time Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008. This is a celestial condition that will be in force through 2023, but is especially strong 2008-2015, and even more especially strong this month with Jupiter square Pluto twice in the next two weeks.

. . .

And how did stock markets react? Well, the previous Friday, July 16, the DJIA was down 261 points. On Monday July 19, it was up 57 points. On Tuesday it was down nearly 150 points early on, but rallied to close up 75 points. On Wednesday it continued higher until Fed Chair Ben Bernanke testified before Congress that the economy is “unusually uncertain.” Bingo! Big Ben gets it. The DJIA fell 200 points following his remarks. Is Congress listening? Yet the next day, Thursday, it opened with a bang and closed up over 200 points. Friday was up another 102 points, to its highest level in a month, as European Banks passed their version of the “stress test.” You think you are in control? Not in this new portal of reality where things change at “Uranus-in-Aries” lightning warp speed. You can only survive if you are humble. And I didn’t even mention the Shirley Sherrod story. Google her. You better be humble, because if you blog, speak, or fire someone too impulsively about something like “racism” (now there is a hot Uranus-Pluto topic) before getting the facts straight, you will be forced to learn humility fast.


In other markets, grain prices continued to soar as hot weather helped drive prices to their highest levels in months. Gold and Silver were down to the lowest level in several weeks through early Tuesday, but then staged impressive rallies into the Sagittarius Factor of Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, everyone was weary and ready for the weekend break, and they sold off.


Welcome to the first week of the deepest month of the Cardinal Climax.


Short-Term Geocosmics


This is the time band Financial Astrologers have been waiting for. We are in it now. It is unlike anything we have ever experienced. During this one month period (sign of Leo), there are four major planetary cycles unfolding that have a cyclical periodicity of 13-45 years.

. . .

But what does it mean for financial markets? Long-term cycle tops and/or bottoms may take place now. Perhaps we will see the high or low of the year in some markets, or at least a reversal from a multi-week cycle crest or trough that will quickly lead to new highs or lows for the year. We can identify 14 separate and important geocosmic signatures unfolding July 23-August 9. Many of these have contradictory themes. Thus this period is likely to continue being fraught with sudden and sharp rallies, and just as sudden and sharp declines. Now stocks are rising into this time band, which fits the most likely geocosmic scenario issued to MMA Cycles subscribers in a special report early this week. We may witness huge ranges on some days, perhaps 500-1000 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and maybe 200-500 points in Silver. This possibility could even extend into the second passage of Jupiter conjunct Uranus in mid-September.


/more: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1143127/pg1

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*There is always love in the world*


Here are some 2010 predictions from astrologer Robert Phoenix. I like his easy going style although some of his predictions

have the timing wrong or aren't gonna happen.



Jupiter/Uranus In Aries Dominates Predictions For 2010


<script src='http://img401.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=zcrystalball.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>zcrystalball.jpg</noscript>


Look into my crystal ball...


I’ve done my scopes for all signs for 2010, and when I do them, I do my best to synergize as many astro elements as possible and give them a semi-intuitive narrative. They’re for growth, humor and some form of epiphanous reflection. In essence they’re for levity and food for thought. I have been thinking about some other predictions for 2010, most of which are based on the stars, some of which are simply more intuitive. The heavy hitters this year, Jupiter/Pisces, Jupiter/Aries, Uranus/Pisces, Saturn/Libra all have a major role to play. Let’s have a look at what I see coming in 2010.


Israel Attacks Iran

I would be very surprised if this does not happen by June. According to astronomer, Mike Molner, Jupiter in Aries is the alignment for Israel. If that’s the case, then when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in June, if the conflict had not yet begun, tensions will be at an all time high and Israel will be itching to strike. Most of the world will not be in favor of the possibility of a strike and will let this be known through Saturn in Libra. Israel will not likely heed the prevailing global opinion and strike anyway. This will trigger a series of smaller conflicts that will bring us dangerously close to a global conflict.


Massive Peace Marches

Saturn in Libra will usher in the return of the peace march, only this time people will hit the streets in upwards of a million people at any given location. This is a world wide phenomenon and will originate in Europe. I see Spain and Italy leading the charge and the movement will take on a world wide significance. As a result, we’ll also see more and more troops deployed in record numbers to make sure that the demonstrations are peaceful. Which leads me to the next prediction


Martial Law

For the first time in the history of the US, we will see US troops on it’s soil. This is not very far off at all. We could be looking at 30-60 days and it will not happen all at once. There will be an event that will push US troops onto the streets (likely the crash of the dollar) and their presence will be gauged and determined how much more and how quickly the troops will escalate.


Fall Of The Dollar

It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. I would look for this to occur between the end of January and the end of March.


Rash Of Mystical Sightings

With Jupiter in Pisces, we will have an increased number of mystic-religious sightings. The Mother Mary will begin to appear to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Jesus sightings will take place as well, but not like the Mary visions. They will add more speculative fuel for end times signs.


California Will Have A Major Earthquake

This quake will be centered in LA and will be in the high sevens on The Richter Scale. It will be one of the more destructive quakes in the history of The US. April/May seem to be the months that this energy is highlighted.


The Year Of Death

There will be a record number do deaths due to illness. Cancer rates are going to go through the roof and the new health care system (yes it will pass) will buckle under the weight of increased mortalities. Pet death will also be up sharply in 2010.

Homegrown Technology Explodes

There will be a wild rush of new technologies that will start to hit in 2010. It will be a trend started by a group of young people, ranging from 17 to 23. Most, but not all of the new technological developments will revolve around computing. There will be one technology in particular that will involve multi-media transference of files that will revolutionize how we experience media.


Strange Occurrences In Phenomenon

The laws of physics will appear to be incredibly mutable. Object will begin to pulse in and out of phase as will people at times. It won’t be that uncommon to be walking with someone and have them disappear for a moment or two then re-appear. Most people will be unaware that this is happening. There will be more contact with disincarnate spirits than ever before. By the way, the above picture was recently sent to me by a friend, from a friend. It was taken in her new apartment.


Breakaway States

We’ll begin to see the first real signs of the sovereign movement in The US. There will be major activity around the mid-terms that will begin to address seceding from the union. The states that will lead the charge will be Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.


Breakaway Countries

In addition to breakaway states, we’ll see breakaway countries, countries that will not want to be part of some larger order. Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela will be in front of this movement.

The New Men’s Movement

Men will move further and further away from the concept of metrosexuality and reclaim their masculinity. These leads to . . . . .

The New Women’s Movement

This will be based on the sacred feminine versus the ideal of unisexuality.


The Fall Of Birth Rates

We will begin to witness for the first time in decades a slight decline in the birth rate as fertility becomes a real issue from 2010 moving forward.

A Small, Independent Film Will Steal The Public’s Heart

There will be a small, indie film that will be a wild success, based on the purely positive power of it’s message. People will see it 2-3 times. It will become a deeply viral event for many people.

Teabaggers Form Own Party, Candidates In Midterms Run

The Teabaggers get organized and galvanize a potent, populist movement that challenges the status quo. One Teabagger emerges as their spokesperson, This perosn could quite possibly be controlled opposition.

The Year Of The Whistle Blower

2010 will see a number of people come forward with top secret information that will threaten to blow the lid off of some deeply buried stories. In 2010, we’ll see some initial revelations come forward regarding chemtrails. There will also be a few whistle blowers who will be feeding the public misinformation, though they will not know this as their memories will have been implanted.


Debt Forgiveness Demands

Countries will begin to question the legitimacy of their debt and the people will start to demand that their leaders default on debt that was for the most part accrued under corrupt regimes.


Alien Contact

Most people are predicting some form of this and put me on record as well. I’m not sure if they’ll be the real deal or if they’ll really have our best interests at heart, but the day is coming and I think that year is upon us.


So that’s it for now. Come back in a year tell me if I’m a prophet or a fool, or both.


Similarities are there. Note that on prisonplanet .com there is an article indicating that US troops have been deployed to boarders, but not to prevent illegal immigrants from entry to the US. Yikes.

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Here are some 2010 predictions from astrologer Robert Phoenix. I like his easy going style although some of his predictions

have the timing wrong or aren't gonna happen.

. . .

Similarities are there. Note that on prisonplanet .com there is an article indicating that US troops have been deployed to boarders, but not to prevent illegal immigrants from entry to the US. Yikes.

Many misses so far*, but the year is far from over.


I still think we will get a Q3-Stock-Crash, and started this thread / http://tinyurl.com/Crash2010

... to give the reasons why.


== ==

*(here are some comments from his website / I think admin = Phoenix):

hrae says:

January 8th, 2010 - how often have you been correct in the past?


admin says:

January 8th, 2010 - Sure, in the past, I’m 100% correct. Now the future is another matter entirely.

== ==


Want to forecast, and be at least half right?

Try these two:

1/ There will be a huge Earthquake in California (or pick another spot) this year

2/ At least one of my forecasts will be wrong.

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"This should have been an eventful three week period"


Weekly Astro Aug 8 2010



August 8, 2010

This week is in the end of the Cardinal Climax for 2010 that began two weeks ago. War, extreme weather, drug wars and world events should have destabilize the markets but it just hasnt happened. There is still a possibility this Friday but the odds are declining. Ray Merriman, financial astrologer, on Cardinal Climax www.youtube.com Brian Williams with David Letterman on flash crash May 6 2010 www.youtube.com Niall Ferguson, Harvard Prof on global debt: www.piie.com


Summing up: "... still a possibility this Friday but the odds are declining."


I liked the story about the mummified centegenerian man in Japan, and the wild boar in Germany.

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The initial event may have occured, just unnoticed as yet. Watch what/who is reported and (more importantly) who is ignored by mainstream media. If nothing else, it help decide who is credible in the future.


Nice that someone loved the centinarial enough to keep him around in the bedroom, you know, given the price of real estate per square foot. They probably even dusted him and everything too so he looked fresh after 30 years. Tried to keep the cat off him... : ) awww.


She missed out the Russian fires and Chernobyl.

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(I am moving this to the GEI-N section, but first I will post the following from DrB's diary):


The Dow's fight back after the Fed's announcement this evening looked unconvincing. The rest of this week could be a bloodbath for the markets.

edit: also, volume was light and we seem to have a head and shoulders on the daily Dow. Wishful thinking? We'll see tomorrow...

I count three hanging men, maybe four.




That could be enough to "choke" the market and break the uptrend


A "fall from Grace" out of this 7-day box, seems likely to me : unlabelled version



BTW, the box began during the Cardinal Climax period (with Magnetic material from Coronal Mass Ejections hitting Earth),

but that may be a mere coincidence

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Here's one important change possibly wrought by the Cardinal Climax:



The Sun is Waking Up: 5 Sunspots Today / Aug. 11, 2010


Here's something we've not seen in a long while: five sunspots on the Sun at once.

Is the Sun finally waking up from its unusually long and deep solar minimum slumber? While activity on the Sun usually ebbs and flows on a fairly predictable 11-year cycle, this current cycle has been anything but conventional. In 2010 so far, the Sun has had spots for only 35 days, which is 16% of the time. With the last solar maximum occurring in 2001, it was thought the Sun would be steadily ramping up to the next maxiumum, which is set for 2013. But instead the Sun has been quiet and relatively spot free for quite some time. Recent solar flares on August 1 and 7, and now these sunspots may be signaling that the Sun is "throwing off the covers" and starting to wake up.


/more: http://www.universetoday.com/70940/the-sun...sunspots-today/


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Arch is back, and he likes Gold now


Crawford sticks with 'Cardinal Climax'

Says disaster only deferred -- and that was before the break


Crawford was defensive but defiant, writing "IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER!" He noted, correctly, that he had allowed for some corrections for very short-term oversoldness. He added: "At NO TIME have we written that the expected Crash would be at ANY particular time along the May-November horizon."

. . .

What now? For the record, Crawford's day-by-day commentary does include this note:


"AUG 12 = Venus parallel Mars, both contra-parallel Mercury = Perhaps a minor high that could be shorted on?"


But, in the conventional charting sections of his letter, he was worrying about "rising wedge" patterns in key indicators over the past three months.


He wrote: "The DJIA broke the steepest 'wedge' line, it did NOT break the 'lower trend channel line'. Then it recovered just to the lower wedge line. Kissing that line could be precursor to a more virulent turn back down....Wedges have a fairly strong tendency to break in the opposite direction from the wedge itself (Falling wedges break UP, rising wedges break Down)."


Unusually, Crawford is very positive about gold.


He writes: "The astronomic cycles for gold indicate a sharp increase from August 16-17 into August 20. That being Option Expiration, we may throw a portion of very speculative funds into a gold stock trade."


His more detailed explanation:


"There are an unusual number of harsh, or difficult aspects to Neptune, over a two-and-a-half-day period, which may bring focus on highly inflationary developments. Beginning Wednesday August 18 around 3:52 p.m. [u.S. Eastern time] with a Mars 135 to Neptune followed in the evening with a Sun contra-parallel Neptune (8:38 p.m. EDT) and on Thursday at 7:15 a.m. EDT Venus 135 to Neptune and 2:44 p.m. EDT Mercury contra-parallels Uranus ["sudden changes; unexpected information"] and early Friday at 6:07 a.m. EDT Sun opposes Neptune.


"After that, there are 4 more Lunar hits that may keep going, or hold it up... or not! The last 2 are at 12:46 and 12:50 p.m. EDT and we won't push it past that unless sitting in front of trading computers with fingers on buttons."


So there.


Otherwise, Crawford remains 200% short with a stop at 11,463 on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA 10,303, -16.80, -0.16%) ; 1184.56 on the S&P 500 Index (SPX 1,079, -4.36, -0.40%) .


Crawford had a fabulous 2008

/more: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/crawford-...imax-2010-08-12

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