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Woodburning Stoves

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Hi, are you selling this? Is it more convenient than the usual stove we have. I would like to say that for me I will still be using the other one as I want it to be more convenient for me. I'm not saying that I do not like it it's just that if you of course want to save some then this might be a good catch but if you are a busy one then you might consider the other one.

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This is very common here in NZ.


There are advantages and disadvantages.



1. Lots of wood about.

2. You can stock up and know you have heat and cooking (you can cook on them) for at least a year.

3. Sustainable.



1. More work than having a thermostat.

2. In cities, like Christchurch, you end up with a lot of smoke. It's very unhealthy.

3. To reduce #2, rules may prevent there use in certain areas, or require wood pellet fires.


Favourite woods: Wattle (Acacia), Blue Gum (Eucalyptus), Pine.


Pine is cheap but burns quickly and cooler.

Blue Gum burns HOT and fast. Great for getting the fire going quickly and warming the place up quickly.

Wattle burns HOT and LONG, and is my favourite, specially for keeping the fire in overnight.


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Hi, are you selling this?



No, I have no interest in this company other than that of a possible buyer.


I'm currently shopping around for a woodburning stove and thought that the price is a bit "too good to be true" I'm now trying to establish whats wrong with them, or as the thread implies, maybe it's a good time to buy one


.....................especially as the cold hasn't yet set in yet :)

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You need to allow for the flue also (which I can help you with ;-) ). The vertical flue adaptor is supplied with the fire but vitreous enamel flue isn't horrendously expensive. Knowing a little of your own circumstances I would say it's very worthwhile you looking at.


Check further specification out on the manufacturers website.




You need to check exactly what the burner will burn and compare it to what you want to use as fuel.





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